The following is a brief list of the states that surround Albany County. The accompaning factoids show mostly that I don't know a great deal about Albany's neighbors. Please follow the links for real information.

  • Vermont In fact, Vermont was once politically part of New York.
  • Massachusetts Large numbers of New England Yankees settled in Albany County, especially after the Revolutionary War.
  • Connecticut People also moved back to the industrial centers of New England. One whole generation of my family moved from the then rural Dutchess County to the highly industrialized city of Waterbury, Connecticut.
  • New Jersey Maybe there wasn't much mingling with Albany County, but it is a neighboring state.
  • Pennsylvania Much of the hilly border area between New York & Pennsylvania is lightly settled, even today. Rivers tend to connect rather than separate the states.
  • Ohio The route west. Many settlers heading to the Mid-west & points further west came from New York. Many more came through here,some staying long enough to leave traces in local records. The famous Erie Canal allowed people as well as goods to travel directly from Albany west to Buffalo & on to the Ohio, Missouri & Mississippi Rivers. Later railroads followed the Canal's path.
  • Ontario Many Loyalists fled to Ontario after the Revolution.
  • Quebec Many Canadians, especially from Quebec, came south to work in New York State's factories during the Industrial Revolution. Some of the earliest developments in this revolution took place in in the towns and villages near the intersection of the Mohawk & Hudson Rivers which includes Albany County.

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