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Charles P. Shaw

We published this portrait for the especial interest of a large class of citizens on the Ausable river, who knew Charles P. Shaw in his boyhood days, who knew him as a graduate of Yale College, who knew him as the brilliant young orator, we might almost say boy orator, in the Lincoln campaign of 1860, but in later years, have known but little of him, 'till the sad news of his death was received, and his remains were brought home to rest in the beautiful valley of his native town of Jay.

In the great metropolis of New York, where his lot was cast, his name was no longer familiar to the citizens of this section, except as it occasionally appeared in connection with some great legal contest when he was pitted against some legal giant like Charles O'Conor, Wm M. Everts, or Jeremiah Black. And even then, the older citizens wondered if that was the Charles P. Shaw, or "Charlie" Shaw that they used to know.

It is understood that he was interested in an extensive railroad project for the Ausable Valley, the building of a big hotel at Upper Jay, the improvement of the Ausable river for navigation between Upper and Lower Jay, etc.

He was born in Jay, Essex county, June 2, 1836, and died in New York, Feb. 2, 1892. His father and grandfather were distinguished physicians in the northern part of this state, and the family were relatives of the late Chief Justice Shaw, of Massachusetts.



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