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Biographical Sketch


Gilbert Thayer, LL. D.


We can safely assert that no man in his day, aroused a more wide-spread interest in educational matters, in either Essex or Clinton county, than did the subject of this sketch.

His grand-father, Silas Thayer, was one of the first settlers of Wilmington, N.Y.

The history of Keeseville Academy under Mr. Thayer was a notable one. Students flocked in from all parts of Essex county and from the southern tier of towns in Clinton county. In a comparatively short time, the attendance sprang up from about 60 to over 200! Among the pupils were many men of subsequent wide notoriety, including Rev. Joseph Cook, Bishop Goodsell, the lamented chaplain, Louis N. Beaudry, the late Osceola Kyle, a popular educator of Vermont, Erastus Bullard, now principal of one of the most flourishing female colleges in the state of Illinois.

It is not too much to say that Mr. Thayer inaugrurated a new era in educational matters.

He took charge of the Keeseville academy about 1852.

Subsequently he removed to Illinois, and was principal of the Bloomington Female College, the Presbyterian Female College at Jacksonville and later he founded the Chicago Female College at Morgan Park. He died in February last.



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