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Clinton County Biographical Sketches


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Name of Subject & Year Biographical Sketch Published


Surnames "A"


Surnames "B"

BEAUMONT, Samuel (Dr.)- 1893
BEAUMONT, William (Dr.)- 1893


Surnames "C"

CALKINS, William E. (Hon.)- 1893


Surnames "D"

D'AVIGNON, Francis Joseph (Dr.)- 1893
DEFORRIS, Truman (Dr.)- 1893


Surnames "E"

EDGERTON, Bela- 1893


Surnames "F"

FOOT, I. Platt (Dr.)- 1893


Surnames "G"


Surnames "H"

HAVENS, Palmer E. (Hon.)- 1893
HOYLE, George V. (Hon.)- 1893


Surnames "I"


Surnames "J"

JONES, Elijah B. (Dr.)- 1893
JONES, Pierpont E.- 1893


Surnames "K"


Surnames "L"


Surnames "M"

MILLER, John (Dr.)- 1893
Moores, Benjamin J. (Dr.)- 1893


Surnames "N"

NELSON, Wolfred (Dr.)- 1893
NOBLE,Ransom (General)- 1893 

Surnames "O"


Surnames "P"

PALMER, Frank (Colonel)- 1880
PATCHEN, Isaac Hutinac (Dr.)- 1893


Surnames "Q"


Surnames "R"


Surnames "S"

SHAW, Charles P.- 1893
SHUMWAY, Samuel (Dr.)- 1893
SMITH, J. Gregory- 1893
STEVENS, Georgh T. (Dr.)- 1893


Surnames "T"

THAYER, Gilbert (LL.D.)- 1893


Surnames "U"


Surnames "V"


Surnames "W"

WALWORTH, Reuben H. (LL.D.)- 1880
WELLS, Charles W. (Capt.)- 1893


Surnames "X"


Surnames "Y"


Surnames "Z"



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