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Biographical Sketch


Dr. Samuel Beaumont


The subject of this sketch was the son of William and Mary Beaumont, and was born at Champlain, Clinton Co., N.Y., on March 1st, 179[?].

During the interval between the years 1815 and 1819, Samuel Beaumont under-took the study of medicine and was a student with and under the direction of his cousin, Dr. William Beaumont, a surgeon in the U. S. army.

In the year 1832, Dr. Beaumont devoted some portion of his time to the work of assisting Dr. William Beaumont, in continuing a series of remarkable experiments (which had been commenced by Dr. William Beaumont in 1825), on the action of the gastric juice in the human stomach. The subject of these experiments was one Alexis St. Martin, the contents of whose stomach could be viewed through an opening in his side, resulting from a gunshot wound, which had healed without closing. The history of these novel experiments were embodied in a very interesting and valuable work, the first edition of which was published by Dr. William Beaumont, in the year 1833.

In the arrangement and preparation of this work for publication, Dr. William Beaumont was largely assisted by Dr. Samuel Beaumont, of which assistance a handsome acknowledgement appeared in the preface of the work.



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