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Truman DeForris, M.D.

Good Physician and Preacher.

It may truly be said of Dr. Truman DeForris that the world was better for his having lived in it. He was a physician of the soul as well as of the body, a faithful preacher as well as skillful physician.

Dr. DeForris commenced practicing in Plattsburgh about 1827, and was at his work almost continuously till his death which occured in 1877- a period of about half a century. Many remember the short, stout man with so much of vitality, and who always carried a young heart.

He was one of the most cheerful and companionable of men, and in the sick chamber, his visits were like sunshine. When he died, a good man went away to his reward.

Many households beside his own bereaved family, felt as if they could scarcely do without him in sickness and sorrow, and the good doctor yet lives in their memories, and he lives in the memories of the church he dearly loved.

He was a man who had the courage of his convictions, and dared to do right.



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