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Hon. William E. Calkins

Hon. William E. Calkins, (Colonel Calkins,) of Ticonderoga, was a distinguished and prominent character in the history of Essex County, particularly its political history. He represented his town on the Board of Supervisors for twenty years, and twelve years in succession, and for twelve years held the office of County Clerk.

He represented the County in the Assembly in 1874 and 1875. He was an ardent Republican, and one of the founders of the party in his County.

He was extremely social, and when making an after-dinner speech or presiding at a convention, he was in his glory. With no attempt at oratory, which would be futile, his speeches always abounded in telling points and keen wit, or at the worst, good-natured sarcasm. He never wounded a man's feelings unnecessarily.

As a business man, Col. Calkins led a long and useful career in the town in which he lived.

Born in Burlington, Vt., in 1816, removing to Ticonderoga with his father in 1830. He died Nov. 25, 1885.

In 1835, he was enrolled in the 9th regiment, 40th brigade, and 11th division of the militia of the State, and retained as member for about ten years, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, commanding. He rendered great service in raising soldiers for the suppression of the rebellion, and in prosecuting the railroad interests on the west shore of the lake.



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