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in the
Plattsburgh Centennial Celebration
6th to 11th September 1914

There are more than 15 acts so it will take some time!

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Name of Person- Part Played, Act

Surnames "A"


Surnames "B"

BAKER, Elizabeth W.- Wave, Prelude
BAKER, Emily G.- Wave, Prelude
BAXTER, Catherine A.- Wave, Prelude
BEAULIEU, Mary L. (Miss)- In charge of a Committee from Les Dames Canadiennes, The Waters, Prelude
BEHAN, Jennie E.- Wave, Prelude
BELDEN, Grace- Mist Maiden, Prelude
BELL, Katherine D.- Wave, Prelude
BIXBY, George S. (Mrs.)- In charge of a Committee from the Garden Club, The Waves, Prelude
BOOTH, Catherine- Mist Maiden, Prelude
BOUVIA, Octavia M.- Water, Prelude
BRENNAN, Genevieve- Wave, Prelude
BROCKNEY, Veronica- Wave, Prelude
BROMLEY, Gertrude- Wave, Prelude
BROWN, Anna- Wave, Prelude
BUSHEY, Elizabeth- Wave, Prelude
BUTLER, Mary- Mist Maiden, Prelude


Surnames "C"

CAFFREY, Mary- Wave, Prelude
CARROU, Helen C.- Wave, Prelude
CHOUINARD, Fanny- Mist Maiden, Prelude
CLARK, Anna L.- Wave, Prelude
CLAY, Frances- Wave, Prelude
COLLIGAN, Catherine- Wave, Prelude
COLLIGAN, Francis- Mist Maiden, Prelude
COUTURE, Doula J.- Water, Prelude
CROSS, Stella M.- Wave, Prelude
CUMM, Agnes- Water, Prelude
CURRAN, Marion E.- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "D"

DANDROW, Emma M.- Wave, Prelude
DEMERS, Helena M.- Water, Prelude
DENICORE, Velida C.- Water, Prelude
DESJARDINS, Mary Louise- Wave, Prelude
DESROCHER, Edith M.- Wave, Prelude
DUMAS, Charlotte- Water, Prelude
DUMAS, Priscilla- Water, Prelude


Surnames "E"

EAGER, Elsa M.- Angel of Peace, Prelude
EAGER, Margaret Maclaren- Book of Words, Pageant of the Champlain Valley
ELDRED, Ruth- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "F"

FINN, Frances- Wave, Prelude
FINN, Marguerite- The Spirit of the Waters, Prelude
FINNIGAN, Helen- Mist Maiden, Prelude
FITZPATRICK, Margaret- Wave, Prelude
FRAMAN, Dorothea G.- Wave, Prelude
FRECHETTE, Florence E.- Water, Prelude


Surnames "G"

GILLILAND, Anne- Wave, Prelude
GILLILAND, Elizabeth M.- Wave, Prelude
GILLILAND, Lucille- Wave, Prelude
GILLILAND, Mary Margaret- Wave, Prelude
GILLILAND, Vena (Miss)- In charge of a Committee from the Tuesday Club, The Waves, Prelude
GOLDWATER, Alexander- The First Indian, Prelude
GRAVES, Eulalia E.- Wave, Prelude
GRAVES, Mary E.- Wave, Prelude
GROSSMAN, Jeannette- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "H"

HADLEY, Helen- Mist Maiden, Prelude
HAPGOOD, Marion- Mist Maiden, Prelude
HAYES, Eleta M.- Wave, Prelude
HAYNES, Pauline- Mist Maiden, Prelude
HEALEY, Margaret- Mist Maiden, Prelude
HERWERTH, Violet- Wave, Prelude
HEWITT, Gertrude M.- Wave, Prelude
HEWITT, Helena A.- Wave, Prelude
HOLMES, Dorothy E.- Wave, Prelude
HUDSON, Charles F.- Directed the band and chorus, Pageant of the Champlain Valley
HUDSON, Lucy A.- Wave, Prelude
HYDE, Gertrude- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "I"


Surnames "J"

JABAUT, Anna Stella- Water, Prelude
JABAUT, Rose Mae- Wave, Prelude
JOHNSON, Janet- Wave, Prelude
JOHNSON, Miriam- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "K"

KAVANAGH, Mary J.- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "L"

LACROIX, Beatrice- Water, Prelude
LACROIX, Stells- Water, Prelude
LAMAR, Florence L.- Wave, Prelude
LANSING, Dorothy- Mist Maiden, Prelude
LAPOINTE, Leonide M.- Wave, Prelude
LAVOICE, Ruth- Mist Maiden, Prelude
LEFEBVRE, Marie L.- Water, Prelude


Surnames "M"

MACMARTIN, Katherine- Wave, Prelude
MARTIN, Jessie- Wave, Prelude
MCDOUGALL, Allen (Mrs.)- Wave, Prelude
MCDOUGALL, Helen- Wave, Prelude
MCKEEFE, Louise- Mist Maiden, Prelude
MCKEEFE, Margaret- Mist Maiden, Prelude
MENDELSOHN, Bertha- Wave, Prelude
MERRIHEW, Ethel M.- Wave, Prelude
MILLHAM, Grace V.- Wave, Prelude
MITCHELL, Bernadette- Water, Prelude
MOORE, Winifred A.- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "N"

NASH, Anna- Mist Maiden, Prelude
NASH, Grace- Wave, Prelude
NEWTON, Carolyn A.- Wave, Prelude
NEWTON, Mary- Mist Maiden, Prelude


Surnames "O"

O'CONNELL, Catherine- Mist Maiden, Prelude
O'HARA, Catherine- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "P"

PAINTER, Pansy- The Spirit of the Pines, Prelude
PECK, Edwin L. (Mrs.)- In charge of a Committee from the Tuesday Club, The Waves, Prelude
PECK, Marian F.- Wave, Prelude
PIERCE, Marjorie B.- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "Q"


Surnames "R"

RASCOE, Irene- Mist Maiden, Prelude
RIGERS, Audrey- Wave, Prelude
RILEY, Kathleen- Wave, Prelude
ROBINSON, Bella- Wave, Prelude
ROY, Blanche- Wave, Prelude
RYAN, Genevieve- Mist Maiden, Prelude
RYAN, Marguerite- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "S"

SCHEIER, Loretta- Wave, Prelude
SCHRADER, Helen M.- Wave, Prelude
SENECAL, Alphonse (Mrs.)- Wave, Prelude
SHARRON, Beatrice- Wave, Prelude
SHARRON, Dorothy- Mist Maiden, Prelude
SMITH, Elsie G.- Wave, Prelude
SMITH, Florence M.- Wave, Prelude
STEWART, Josephine- Wave, Prelude
SWEET, Margaret H.- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "T"

THOMPSON, Katherine- Mist Maiden, Prelude
TIERNEY, Anita- Mist Maiden, Prelude
TIERNEY, Mary- Mist Maiden, Prelude
TUTTLE, George Fuller (Mrs.)- Historical Notes for Book of Words, Pageant of the Champlain Valley
TUTTLE, Mary B.- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "U"


Surnames "V"

VALLEY, Geraldine- Wave, Prelude
VERT, Charles J. (Mrs.)- In charge of a Committee from the Garden Club, The Waves, Prelude


Surnames "W"

WALKER, Emma (Miss)- In charge of a Committee from Les Dames Canadiennes, The Waters, Prelude
WALKER, Grace R.- Wave, Prelude
WILSON, Bernadette- Wave, Prelude
WOOD, Irene B.- Wave, Prelude


Surnames "X"


Surnames "Y"


Surnames "Z"



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