Columbia County, New York

The following list was taken from the 1865 State Census for Columbia County.  Published by HeritageQuest, PO Box 540670, North Salt Lake, Utah 84064-0670

The microfilm is extremely light and very hard to read in places, I have typed a [?] where the text is either questionable or unreadable.  The original document should be checked to verify the information.

All spelling is as found in the census.

The top of the each page state:  "MARRIAGES that have occured in the ______of ______in the county of _______, N.Y., during the year ending June 1,  1865.  This table was prepared by me, on the ____day of June 1865."  I have added the date the census was taken beside the name of the towns.


Husband Age Previous Civil Condition Wife Age Previous Civil Condition Date of Marriage   Name of city or town where the marriage occurred By A Clergyman
          Month Day    
City of Hudson     Census Taken            
First Election District     24 June 1865            
Frank Price 28 W Maria E. Shill 25 S Dec 1864 17 Hudson NY  
William H. Worduby 24 S Fanny L. Mead 21 S Oct 20 Hudson NY  
Patrick Hurley[?] 24 S Marsella Co[?] 24 S May 29 Hudson NY  
Stephen B. Newcomb 29 S Sarah C Bristol[?] 20 S May 30 Hudson NY  
Charles Bennet   S Emily Taylor 18 S May 30 Hudson NY  
Alexander Loos 43 W Marion E. Mead 28 S May 9 Hudson NY  
City of Hudson     Census taken            
Second Election District     on 23 June 1865            
Patrick Kennedy 40 Widow Bridget Levey 20 S November 10 Elmyra RC
Patrick Levis 23 S Elizabeth Guinan 18 S May 21 Hudson Col co. RC
Wm Overis [?] 54 Widow Ellen Robinson 45 S January 26 New York City RC
Charles Chapman 55 Widow Mary Jane Sherman 23 S June 5 Hudson Col co. ?
John A. Stevens 22 S Martha Best 17 S November 13 Hudson Col co. Meth
Alexander [?]way 37 Widow Elizabeth Brown 28 Widow Sept 3 Hudson Col co. Meth
Margaret Cripps 60 Widow [The rest is blank]            
Edgar S. Hubbel 22 S Josephine Groat 20 S Sept 14 Hudson Col co. Univt
Charles C. Hubbel 25 Widow Elizabeth W. Garnsey 20 S June 1 Hudson Col co. Univt
City of Hudson     Census Taken            
Third Election District     28 June 1865            
Abram [?]feller 25 S Martha Calkins 22 S Sept 27 City of Hudson R. Dutch
9 other marriages that                  
are too light to read.                  
City of Hudson     Census Taken            
Fourth Election District     17 June 1865            
Cyrus Shever[?] 19 S Elizabeth Law 17 S Jany 15 Hudson N.Y. RD
Thomas Ganon 26 S Maria Wagoner 28 S May   Hudson N.Y. Meth
John Clancy 22 S Mary Ganon 22 S April   Hudson N.Y. R.C.
George W. Lord 24 S Mary Power 20 S Feby 8 Hudson N.Y. Epis
Charles McKown [?] 30?   Cornelia [?] Franklin 30 S May 5 Hudson N.Y. R.D.
Edward C. Webb 24 S Mary Lanford/Sanford 21 S Sep 20 Hudson N.Y. Pres.
Charles P. Cure 20 S Emily Winslow 21 S April 15 Hudson N.Y. U
George [Unreadable] 21 S Hannah U. Bailey 18 S July 1 Hudson N.Y. Bap
Kinderhook     Census Taken            
First Election District     No Date            
David Mallory 28 S Mary Mallory 17 S Sebt 11 Coxsackie R.C
William Hawver 25 S Estelle Hawver 19 S Feb 11 Mass Bapt
John Jimeson 25 S Jane Jimeson 21[?] S Oct 12 Stuyvesant Meth
William Humprey 35 S Almira Humprey 30 S Sept   Kinderhook Meth
William M--cantne[?] 25 S [?] E. m--cantne 18 S Dec 21 Stuyvesant Meth
Kinderhook     Census Taken            
Second Election District     No Date            
William Darling 4? S Elizabeth Gilbert 24 S May 30 Valatie Meth Episc
William Pulver 26 S Sarah Hapeman 24 S Oct 5 Valatie Luth
John Quick[?] 23 S Mary Lyons 25 S Oct 23 Valatie R.C.
Sylvester[?] Clapper 21 S Catherine McEntyer 19 S Feb 8 Niver Ville Luth
Tobias Tuttle 50 W Sarah Degraff 25 S July 7 do J.P.
Livingston     Census Taken            
8 marriages that are     5 June 1865            
too light to read.                  
New Lebanon                  
Stockport     Census Taken            
    26 June 1865            
David [?] 30 single Sarah Hollebeck   single     Stockport  
Theodore Hoes 27   [?] Whitney 22 single Feb 1865      
James Peterson[?]     Mandane[?] Clum         Stockport  
Stephen Van Vankenburgh 32 widow Ellen M. Jackson 20 single 23-Apr-65 Sunday Stockport  
Isaac L. Kipp 24   Cornelia Ostrom 20 single 01-Jan-65   Stockport  
Wm Bateman 23 single Elizabeth A. Sharbill[?] 17 single 20-May   Kinderhook  

Census Taken

21 June 1865

First Election District                  
John Bias 21 S Sarah [?] 24 [?] [?]   Unreadable  
Charles Deyo 21 S Charlotte Walker 18 S July[?]   Unreadable  
Floyd Berry 20 S Elizabeth Spring[?[ 19 S M[?]   Unreadable  
William Bateman 23 S Elizabeth S[?] [?] [?] [?]   Unreadable  
Stuyvesant     Census Taken            
Second Election District     29 June 1865            
Jesse Vaness 30 M Elen Milham 28 S June 13 Stuyvesant RDC
Walter Miler 21 S Hattie Snook 18 S Feb 14 Stuyvesant Luth
Martin Hainer 24 S Rosanna Corts 20 S July 29 Albany Bapst