Columbia County at the End of the Century

Volume II

Published and Edited Under the Auspices of the Hudson Gazette

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Hudson, New York

M C M (1900)



These biographies  in Part III begin after page 132 of Volume II beginning with page 3.

Abbreviations used: p. o. = post office

Page 232:

TEATS, Peter W., was born in Red Hook, Dutchess county, N. Y, August 24, 1844, a son of John Henry and Annie Eliza (Feller) Teats, who had seven children as follows:  Catherine, Julius, Zachariah, Peter W., John L., Wesley Arthur, Douglas H. and Jennie E., all residents of Dutchess county.  Peter W. Teats, the subject, was the only one of the family to live in Columbia county.  His early life was spent with his parents in Dutchess county, where he received a common-school education.  When twenty-one years of age he started in life for himself as a farmer, on the farm which was owned by his father-in-law, Peter E. Teator, at Red Hook, Dutchess county, N. Y.  He was associated wit his father-in-law until 1880, when he removed to the farm where he now resides, at Clermont, Columbia county, N. Y., which contains 113 acres, and follows general farming.  In 1866 he married Martha Elizabeth, daughter of Peter E. Teator, and they have two children:  Edward C. and Hattie A., wife of Fred J. Moore.  Edward married Catherine Foland.  Mr. Teats was interested in town and county affairs, though never aspired to political honors in the way of holding office.  He is actively interested in school and educational work, and at the present time is trustee of the school, having been connected with the school in an official way for many terms.  He is a member of the Lutheran church of Lower Red Hook, of which he is a liberal contributor and supporting member.

Page 233:

TEN BROECK, Andrew J., was born on the farm where he now resides, which is known as the Ten Broeck homestead, December 19,  1849, a son of Jacob W. and Sarah Ann (Everts) Ten Broeck, and grandson of Jacob and Ann (Benner) Ten Broeck, whose children were Jacob, Henry, Jackson, Helen M., wife of Abram Bogardus; Jane Ann, wife of William R. Moore; Mary, wife of Refine L. Rossman, and Catherine A., all born on the old homestead.  Mr. Ten Broeck was educated in the schools of the town of Germantown and Pittsfield High School.  At the death of his father in March, 1896, he inherited the homestead and carries on general farming and fruit-growing.  October 6, 1882, Mr. Ten Broeck married Julia, daughter of David Wians, and they have one daughter, Marcia.  Mr. Ten Broeck is interested in town and county affairs, but has never aspired to political honor in the way of holding office.  The family are active in church, and he has held an office in the church, since twenty years of age, as deacon and elder.

Pages 233 & 234:

TEN BROECK, Evarts, of Hudson, N. Y., was born in the town of Greenport, N. Y., on May 5, 1853.  His father, William Henry Ten Broeck, was a native of Germantown, N. Y., where the family were among the pioneers, some of the land then purchased by them from the Indians still remaining in possession of the descendants.  They trace their lineage back to Dirck Wessels Ten Broeck, who was a merchant in Albany in 1663 and was mayor of the city.  His son, Wessels was a lieutenant in Colonel Schuyler's forces, and was an alderman in Albany at the time his father was mayor; Dirck Wessels settled in Clermont, Columbia county, about 1733.  William Henry Ten Broeck, father of Evarts, was married to Mary Jane, daughter of Jacob Evarts, and devoted his life to farming; he died in 1888.  Jacob W. Ten Broeck was born in Germantown in 1800; he served in the Assembly in 1862, and in 1863 and 1864 was mayor of Hudson; he was one of the charter members of the Farmers' National Bank, of which he was a director until his death.  Evarts Ten Broeck was educated in the public schools and at the Hudson Academy. He has devoted his attention to the growing of small fruits, and is considered one of the most advanced and scientific operators in that line in the State.  He has served as town clerk, and is a trustee of the Dutch Reformed church and a director of the Farmers' National Bank.  In 1876 he was married to Alma C., daughter of P. J. Gardner.

Page 362:

TEN BROECK, Rensselaer, was born in the town of Copake, in 1838, son of Austin M. (born in Claverack) and Margaret (Van Hoesen) Ten Broeck, who were the parents of children as follows:  Walter B., Andrew E., Jay D., Rensselaer, Catharine Jane, Charlotte and Lydia.  Mr. Ten Broeck is deceased.  Rensselaer Ten Broeck received his early education in the common schools and Claverack Academy.  After leaving school he was engaged as a clerk in a store at Hudson, and in 1859 went to New York, where he engaged in the commission business.  In 1865 he engaged with the railroad company and is now general eastern agent for the Union Pacific.  Mr. Ten Broeck was married to Phoebe, daughter of Ira Wilson, who bore him Charles W., Nellie Edna and Jennie (deceased).  Mr. Ten Broeck is a member of Bunding Lodge No. 655, F. & A. M., of New York; Colonial Club, and Arkwright Club.

Page 234:

TEN BROECK, Wessel, was born in the town of Greenport, N. Y., June 7, 1864, and is a descendant of one of the oldest families in Columbia county, and from Wessel Ten Broeck of Albany.  His father, William Henry, was a native of Germantown, and was a farmer all his life; his wife was Mary Jane Everts.  Mr. Ten Broeck died February 23, 1888.  Wessel Ten Broeck was educated at Hudson Academy, and for twelve years has been engaged in fruit-growing, demonstrating in a practical way that the slopes bordering the Hudson are peculiarly adapted to this industry.  In 1898 he was married to Bertha, daughter of Ambrose and Mary (Hart) Hollenbeck.  Mr. Ten Broeck has served as justice of the peace four years, and is a director in the Hudson Building and Loan Association, and master of Hudson Lodge, No. 7, F. & A. M.  Mr. Ten Broeck is the originator of the "Hudson Peach."

Page 235:

THOMAS, James, p. o. Chatham, N. Y., was born in Chatham, N. Y., in 1859.  He is a son of E. M. Thomas, also a native of Chatham, a lumber merchant, and prominent as trustee and president of the village.  He was married to Matilda R. Lanpher, and of this union the following named children were born:  Henry R., Ella, Edward, Matilda, E. Milton and James.  Mr. Thomas died in 1885, and was survived by his widow until 1896.  James Thomas received his education at the Chatham Academy and at the New Marlboro Institute.  He began his business life as a mercantile clerk, and also for a time was engaged in farming.  In 1897 he began dealing in coal and hides, in which he is engaged at present.  He is held in high esteem in the village of Chatham and possesses the full confidence of the community.  He has been a village trustee two years, and in 1900 was elected president of the village.  He is a member of Columbia Lodge, No. 98, F. & A. M., and of the Knights of Pythias.  His wife, who died in 1890, was Nena Decker; she bore him one son, Edward D. Thomas.

Pages 235 & 236:

THOMAS, Millard G., p. o. Philmont, was born in Stamford, Conn., May 24, 1855, a son of Moses E. and Mary J. (Coon) Thomas.  His parents moved to Hudson when he was small and he attended the public schools there and the Hudson Academy.  At the close of his schooldays he entered the office of the Hudson Gas Company as bookkeeper and collector, where he remained four years and then came to Philmont, where he was employed by Mr. Nelson P. Aken, having charge of the winding room in his mill for six months, and was then promoted to the position of bookkeeper, which he has held since.  Mr. Aken died in 1878 and James Aken assumed control of the business; in 1888 he incorporated the firm into the Aken Knitting Company, and Mr. Thomas was elected secretary and in 1898 was elected secretary and treasurer.  Mr. Thomas is a member of the board of school trustees, Aquilla Lodge, No. 700, of Hudson, F. & A. M., and Cascade Lodge, No. 197, K. of P.  On March 16, 1879, Mr. Thomas married Sarah L. Speed; they have two daughters, Laura M., born in 1882, and Emma A., born in 1884.

Page 236:

THOMAS, William, of Lebanon Springs, N. Y., was born in Germany, in 1832, son of John and Margaret Thomas.  In 1856 he came to Lebanon Springs.  He was employed by the Mt. Lebanon Society of Shakers for thirty-two years.  In 1860 he was married to Barbara Stevens of Germany, and their children are George, Chalres, William, Jr., Henry, Frederick, John, Edward, Louisa, Carry, Mary and Bessie.  Mrs. Thomas died July 14, 1900.  Mr. Thomas is an honest, worthy citizen, and is highly esteemed.

Pages 236 & 237:

THOMPSON, Smith, was born at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., on February 14, 1844, son of Smith Thompson, a native of Stamford, Dutchess county, and Eliza, daughter of Henry L. and Jane Patterson Livingston.  Smith Thompson, the father, was one of the most eminent men his native county produced, and whose career in national affairs reflected honor not only upon the community in which he was born and reared, but upon the State of New York at large.  He was a active participant in the political movements of the State and Nation, and was selected by President Monroe as Secretary of the Navy in his cabinet, and later by the same President was appointed an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, and served on the bench until his death in 1844.  He was also nominated for Governor of this State against Martin Van Buren, and was defeated.  He was a man of sturdy principles and sustained an unblemished reputation throughout his career in both public and private life.  Smith Thompson, the son, was educated in private schools in Poughkeepsie, and was graduated from Williams College in 1864.  He spent a year in travel and then settled in Hudson, where he entered the insurance business, devoting, also, much of his attention to the care of trust estates.  He exhibited in his business affairs evidence of unusual financial ability and has been and is a trustworthy authority in all matters of finance.  In 1890 he was elected president of the Farmers' National Bank of Hudson, and in this capacity has achieved a record in ten years that places him in the front rank of careful, clear-headed and trustworthy financial managers.  No one will question Mr. Thompson's accorded ability, integrity, or judgment who has had business relations with him.  In 1877 Mr. Thompson was married to Sarah, daughter of Lucius and Phoebe (Jenkins) Moore.  They have one daughter, Grace.

Page 237:

THORNE, William H., p. o. Old Chatham, N. Y., was born in the town of Chatham, N. Y., July 24, 1840, a son of William K. Thorne, who was born in New York city, where he was a silversmith, coming thence to Chatham in 1830 and engaging in farming; his wife was Julia A. Adee, who bore him the following children:  William K., Jr., who died in 1830; Susan A., married Lyman Waldo; Caroline M., married George Harger; Catherine A., married Seymour Hulbert, and William H.  Mr. Thorne, senior, died July 3, 1881, and his widow survived until March 11, 1896.  William H. Thorne was educated in the common schools, and through life has been a farmer.  He was married to Mary L. Clark, daughter of Elisha and Sarah Clark.  They are the parents of Julia A., E. Clark, William S. and Seymour A. Thorne.

Page 237:

TILDEN, Samuel J., of New Lebanon, N. Y., was born in New Lebanon, December 29, 1853, son of Henry A. and Susan (Gould) Tilden.  Henry A. Tilden was born in New Lebanon, April 1, 1821, and was the founder of the extensive manufactory of pharmaceutical extracts at New Lebanon; he was married to Susan Gould, of Rochester, N. Y. (born in September, 1821), and their children were Mrs. Henrietta T. Blatchford of New York, Mrs. Caroline D. Whittlesey of Pittsfield, Mass., George H., Samuel J., of New Lebanon, Mrs. Susan T. Sabin of New York, Mrs. Ruby T. Paine, deceased, John, deceased, and Mary P., deceased.  Henry A. Tilden died March 12, 1884, and was survived by his widow until December, 1889.  Samuel J. Tilden was married to Augusta R. Halsey, daughter of John and Frances Halsey, of Brooklyn, N. Y., November 19, 1890.  They have one son, Samuel J., Jr., born November 25, 1897.  Mr. Tilden is a member of Unity Lodge, No. 9, F. & A. M., and served as supervisor for six years, 1883 to 1888, inclusive.  A sketch to Tilden & Co.'s manufactory is given in the History of the Town of New Lebanon.

Pages 234 & 235:

TILLEY, Thomas, merchant tailor, of Hudson, N. Y., was born in England, September 1, 1823.  He emigrated to the United States in 1851 and settled in Brooklyn, N. Y, where he remained until 1858, when he came to Hudson and assumed the management of the James Clark merchant tailoring and clothing establishment, in which he later became a partner, and finally acquired the entire business.  In 1869 the present firm of Tilley & Aldcroftt was organized, which is at the present time the leading merchant tailoring and clothing establishment in the city of Hudson.  Mr. Tilley is a man of public spirit, and takes an active interest in such measures as are calculated to improve the public welfare.  In 1846 he married Hannah G. Griffiths, second daughter of Edward Griffiths, of Homer, county of Salop.  They have one daughter, Mrs. George W. Harris of Hudson.

Pages 237 & 238:

TOMPKINS, S. D., was born in Chatham, on May 15, 1816.  He was engaged as a miller and afterward in the manufacture of paper.  He served his town as supervisor, which office he filled very acceptably to his townspeople.  His first wife was Mary Mesick, and his second wife, Harriet M. Parks; they have one son, Edward States D. Tompkins, who married Rebecca R. Fitch.  Mr. Tompkins died in 1867.

Page 238:

TRACY, Aurelius Milford, M. D., of Hudson, N. Y., was born in the town of Austerlitz, N. Y., on April 30, 1856.  His father, A. M. Tracy, a farmer and shipper of produce, was a native of the same place and was a man of considerable prominence, serving as supervisor; he was married to Eliza Traver, and died in 1890.  Lyman Tracy was the grandfather of Dr. Tracy, and an early settler in Austerlitz.  Dr. Tracy received his preliminary education in the common schools of his native town and at Hudson.  He was graduated form Cornell University in 1880 and from the Homeopathic Medical College in New York city in 1883.  He began practice in Middletown, Conn., but in 1887 removed to Hudson, where he has since been engaged in successful practice.  In 1883 Dr. Tracy was married to Elizabeth Cadman, who has borne him five sons and two daughters.

Page 238:

TRACY, Charles, was a son of Aurelius M. and Eliza (Traver) Tracy, who had ten children, viz.:  Lyman, Lucy C., Edwin D. C., Mina, wife of J. E. Teator, Aurelius M., Charles, and four deceased.  Aurelius Tracy was born in the town of Austerlitz, April 2, 1812, a son of Lyman and Catherine (Moul) Tracy, being the eldest of eight children.  He received his education from the district schools and passed his early years on the home farm.  In 1833, he married Eliza Traver and they resided in the town of Austerlitz, with the exception of one year, until 1864, when he moved to lower Ghent village.  He represented the town of Austerlitz on the board of supervisors in 1859.  In 1861 he engaged in the general farm produce business, and for four years made Ghent Depot one of the best hay and straw markets in Columbia county.  In 1866 he removed to the upper village, where he resided until his death, August 14, 1890; his widow died June 29, 1899, at the age of eighty-four years.  Mr. Tracy became a member of the First Reformed church of Ghent in 1875, and held the office of elder at the time of his death.  He was a man of sterling qualities of mind and heart and possessed those qualities which made him a firm friend, a good neighbor, an upright and honorable citizen.

Page 239:

TRAVER, Adelbert Lee, was born in Philmont, February 8, 1865, a son of Hiram and Martha (Becker) Traver, one of a family of four children.  He was educated in the district school, and his first employment was in the knitting mill of George W. Phillips; he remained there four years and during that time had charge of all the repairs on the sewing machines.  He then engaged with James Aken in his mill to do light repairing, and was with him until he went into business for himself.  He started in Philmont in 1888, and in 1896 built the place he now occupies; he manufactures light machinery for knitting mills and his goods are shipped all over the country.  October 30, 1884, Mr. Traver married Lettie M. Snyder, and they have three children:  Blanch Elvena, born January 6, 1890; Alta Naomi, born October 1, 1894, and Beulah Augusta, born May 8, 1900.

Page 239:

TRAVER, Rev. Chester H., of Claverack, pastor of St. Thomas' Lutheran church, was born in Dutchess county, N. Y., June 23, 1848, a son of Gideon A. and Eve (Traver) Traver.  He was educated in the public schools of his native town, Dr. Degarmo Institute at Rhinebeck, Hartwick Seminary, in Otsego county, N. Y., and in 1870 entered Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., from which he was graduated in 1873.  After leaving college he took a theological course for three years, and was graduated at Gettysburg Seminary in 1876.  He was licensed at Glen Gardner, N. J., October 18, 1875, and ordained at Valatie, N. Y., September 11, 1876.  He went to Chatham, N.Y., July, 1876, where he remained until 1878, and then went to Spruce Run, near Glen Gardner, N. J.  In 1885 he went to St. Peter's Stone church, Rhinebeck, N. Y., and after over eleven years in charge there came to Churchtown, where he has since been.  Mr. Traver is one of the trustees of Hartwick Seminary, and ever since his graduation from college has been interested in everything pertaining to education and has done all that he could to advance it in different places where he has been located.  He is specially interested in the history of the Lutheran Palatinate churches and has prepared sketches of all located in Columbia and Dutchess counties, New York.  On September 20, 1876, he married Ida Jones, of Gettysburg, Pa.; they have four children:   Eulla J., Edna May, Ethel Kent and Oliver Claggett.

Page 362:

TRAVER, Mrs. John B., p. o. Chatham, N. Y. --- John B. Traver (deceased) was born in the town of Ghent, N. Y., in 1832 and was a merchant in Chatham for a number of years; he was a member of Columbia Lodge, No. 98, F. & A. M.  He was united in marriage with Alida J. Spengler, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Spengler, of Ghent.  Their children were John B., Laura S., Mary L., and George J.  Mr. Traver died February 22, 1878.

Pages 239 & 240:

TRAVER, William H., & Son, Hudson, N. Y.  William H. Traver, son of William I. and Maria (Coons) Traver, was born in Hudson, N. Y., on March 4, 1841.  His ancestors were natives of Kreutznach, Germany, who settled in Rhinebeck, and later Bastian, a great grandfather, moved to Hudson, where he died in 1843.  Jacob, a son of Bastian, and grandfather of Wm. H., was born in Hudson on April 22, 1790, and died there in 1873.  Wm. I. Traver, his father, was born in Hudson, May 23, 1813, and was a manufacturer of wagons and carriages, which he sold in exchange for lumber, and thus established in 1850 the lumber business now existing.  He died on December 24, 1887.  William H. Traver received his education in the public schools of Hudson and completed it at the Hudson Academy.  After leaving school he engaged in the lumber trade and conducted a planing-mill; in 1885 the mill was burned, and rebuilt at once with increased capacity and valuable improvements.  This business has been successfully carried on, and is now conducted by Mr. Tarver and his son Charles N., under the firm name of W. H. Traver & Son.  Mr. Traver is one of the energetic, progressive and public-spirited men of Hudson.  In 1881 he was the choice of his party for mayor, and being duly elected, gave the city an administration with a clean and commendable record.  He is not in any sense an office-seeker, but believes it the duty of every patriotic citizen to serve in public place when desired by the popular voice.  In 1866 Mr. Traver was married to Emma, daughter of Charles and Lucinda Newman; they have three sons:  Charles N., a member of the present firm of W. H. Traver & Son; Harrison B., and John Du Bois, and three daughters:  Harriet, Alice E., and Emma, who died March 20, 1899.  Chalres N. Traver was born in Hudson, N. Y., April 9, 1868, and obtained his early education in the Hudson public schools.  He prepared for college at Williston Seminary at Easthampton, Mass., and was graduated from Yale College in 1889.  In 1891 he became a partner with his father in the firm of W. H. Traver & Son.  On November 16, 1892, he married Grace Boynton; they have one daughter.

Pages 361 & 363:

TRIPP, Dewitt, of Ancram, was born in the town of Ancram, N. Y., on the farm where he now resides, September 15, 1836, son of John and Hannah (Thomas) Tripp, who were the parents of four children, namely:  William Henry, Dewitt, Frances and John, all born in Ancram.  His father was a son of John and Cynthia Tripp and was a farmer.  Dewitt Tripp was educated in the Ancram schools, and remained at home associated with his father in farming until the death of the latter, when he purchased of the heirs the homestead of 150 acres, where he has since resided, following general farming.  When he was about twenty years of age he was married to Julia Ann, daughter of Thomas Carl, and they have had five children, as follows:  Edward, Frances, wife of James Shufelt of Copake; Ellsworth, Henrietta (deceased), and Warren (deceased).  Mr. Tripp is a member of the Lutheran church of Ancram village, and a worthy man.

Page 363:

TRIPP, John H., of Ancram, was born in the town of Ancram, N. Y., on the farm now occupied by John M. Williams, June 24, 1842, son of David K. and Betty (Hoysradt) Tripp, who were the parents of seven children, as follows:  Mary, Warren D., Harriet, Almira, David, John H., and Sarah, all natives of Ancram.  David K. Tripp was a son of John, and through life was a farmer.  John H. Tripp received a common school education and remained at home with his parents until he was twenty-three years of age, when he started in life for himself as a farm laborer, continuing as such until 1884, since which time down to 1899 he rented different farms, and in the last named year bought the farm of 300 acres where he resides; he follows general farming.  On December 23, 1863, he was married to Kate, daughter of Thomas A. Carl.  They have seven children:  Emery, Stewart, Carl, Elsie, Fred, Warren and Hyatt, all natives of Ancram.  Mr. Tripp has served his town as assessor for eleven years, has been school trustee, and is steward of the M. E. church of Ancram.

Pages 363 & 364:

TRIPP, William H., was born in the town of Ancram, N. Y., which is now his place of residence, on April 10, 1834, son of John and Hannah (Thomas) Tripp, whose children were William H., Dewitt, Frances Eliza, and John, Jr.,  and grandson of John and Cynthia Tripp, all farmers of Ancram.  William H. Tripp attended the district schools, and remained in association with his father in conducting the home farm, until he was twenty-five years of age, when he rented the farm of his father and operated it for fourteen years, at the end of which period he purchased the farm of 336 acres where  he now lives and follows general farming.  He is a useful and worthy citizen, and a member of the Lutheran church at Ancram and one of its deacons.  On July 9, 1857, he was married to Maryette, daughter of Herman and Elsie Rhoda; they are the parents of six children, namely:  Elsie, wife of Ward C. Smith; John E., Luella, wife of E. J. Brandt; Kate M., Jennie, wife of Chauncey Feltz, and Florence, wife of Everett Rockefeller, all of whom are native of Ancram and Gallatin.

Pages 240 & 241:

TULLY, John, was born in Ireland, in June, 1865, and came to this country in 1885, coming direct to Martindale, where he went to work for his uncle, Patrick Tully.  His uncle's death occurred in 1897, and John Tully purchased the farm from the heirs and has run it ever since.  In 1898 Mr. Tully was employed by the Columbia County Turnpike Company to take charge of the tollgate at Martindale, which position he now holds.  On September 26, 1894, Mr. Tully married Kate Kinney, of Claverack, a daughter of John and Ann Nora (O'Donnell) Kinney.  They have two children:  Mary, born April 9, 1896, and Esther, born April 10, 1898.

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