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Hillsdale June 14th 1839


Dear Cousin 

            If I am not mistaken we have recd no letter from you since I wrote last  Though I have heard from you through you Brother Morton.  I had a letter from him in April, I would inform you at present that we are generally enjoying tolerable good health.  But alas I am under the necessity of informing you that Amanda your sister is no more, the Lord has seen fit through Divine Providence to call her from time into eternity–she departed this life on Saturday the 13th inst at about 5 oclock P.M.  On Monday she was carried to the Baptist Church and a sermon was Preached by the Rev. Mr. Prink of the Baptist Society from 1 Corinthians 15th chap. 19th verse after which she was buried by the side of her mother there to await the resurrection. 

You are aware she has not enjoyed good health for some years.  She was confined to her bed about 9 weeks before he departure but was able to help herself up and down till a few days before she died, her disease I suppose was consumption, father & mother were there a few days before her departure when her chief concern appeared to be for the salvation of her soul, she felt the necessity of a preparation for another world and for  a [y’d] earnestly that the Lord would have mercy on her, and requested others also to pray for her and we have reason to believe she obtained a satisfactory evidence of her sins forgiven for in the last and trying hour she appeared to be resined, when John took the babe about 2 years of age in his arms and asked her if she did not want to see it, she answered no I have given it up to the Lord and you too, and in  a few minutes expired we have reason to believe her spirit is happy in the paradice of God.  Aunt Eleanor had been with her about a week & Uncle Peter & Aunt Nancy were also there when she died. 

She has left an afflicted family who deeply mourn her loss, and John earnestly requests that you will not forget him now but come and see when convenient (we should all be happy to see you & family) you will probably enquire how many children he has Ans 9 who mostly need a mothers care.  Janes health is not very good this spring & summer.

The farm this far is cold and backward that is especially for corn which is very small Oats and winter grain look very well & all kinds of grain and produce are bearing a good price though not quite as high as it has been.  Oats are worth 5b˘ corn from 90 to 96 Rye $1, and flour has got down to $6.50 per bll, which is low considering the price it has been at.  I am going to write also to Morton therefore I must close this or I shall not have time to write what I wish to him.  My respects and best wishes to you your wife & family.  And if I never should see you again in the flesh: May we be so happy as to meet in Heaven when we shall never take the parting hand which is the prayer of your affectionate Cousin.

John T. Snyder 

P.S. I would also inform you that Mr. Pixley is not expected to live from one day to another, disease, dry mortification.  Doct Houn also, is quite low, and others which you are not acquainted with therefore I need not name them.                     J. T. Snyder