By Capt. Franklin Ellis240



     In the month of September, 1844, Rev. Lewis McK. Pease, pastor of the Copake Methodist Episcopal church, held a grove-meeting in the grove that then occupied the site of the present church edifice.  Many converts were gained, and it was thought best to organize a society, which was accordingly done on the 12th day of April, 1845.  The meeting was held in the school-house near the church, and was presided over by Duncan McArthur, and Daniel Shook acted as secretary.  John W. Pulver, Tallmadge Pulver, Andrus Lyke, Alexander Smith, David Downs, Alanson Shumway, Duncan McArthur, Arthur McArthur, and Elias Reynolds were elected trustees.

     The church was built during the summer of 1845, at a cost of $1100, exclusive of considerable work done by those who desired to assist the good work.  It was dedicated by Rev. J. Z. Nichols, in October, 1845.  It was repaired in 1873, at a cost of $800, and reopened for public worship Oct. 2, 1873, Rev. S. M. Terry, of New York, preaching the dedicatory sermon.  This church was the first built within the present limits of the town.  From the date of its organization until 1856 this church was connected with the Copake charge, but since that time has been connected with the Ancram church.

     The pastors have been Revs. L. M. Pease, Loyal B. Andrus, Jeremiah Ham, Aaron Hunt, Jr., Cyrus G. Prindle, Marvin R. Lent, Isaac K. Lent, R. S. Amerman, Thomas Ellis, Edward Ashton, Hiram Lamont, Abram Davis, Benjamin H. Burch, Edward Ashton, James Burch, J. H. Michell, S. P. Gallaway, and Adee Vail, the present pastor, who was appointed to this charge in the spring of 1878.  The present officers are Eason Card, George Eggleston, William Hoag, and William Tanner, trustees; Eason Card, George Eggleston, William W. Tanner, and William Tanner, stewards.

     The number of members is sixty, and the Sabbath-school numbers forty-five scholars.