By Capt. Franklin Ellis243


     This church was built in the summer of 1847, by Ezra Burrows, of Copake, at a total cost of $3500.  The lot was donated by John and Adam Hoysradt, and was situated about two miles northwest of Ancram Lead Mines, on the Ancram road.  It was built as a Union church, the Lutherans being entitled to the use of the building one-fourth of the time.  It was dedicated in June, 1848, by Rev. Dr. Darling, of Albany, then of Hudson.  In the fall of 1859 the church was taken down, and rebuilt at its present location in Ancram Lead Mines.  The present site was given by William Tanner.  The removal and repairs cost altogether about $1150.  It was re-dedicated in June, 1860; Rev. William Leavitt, of Hudson, preaching the sermon.  The present valuation of the property is about $3000.

     The church was a branch of the Pine Plains church until 1877, when the church was separately organized.  The original number of members was about twenty-five, and the present number is about forty-five.  There were quite extensive revivals in 1866-67, and in 1877-78.  The last one added twenty three to the church.

     The society was incorporated at a meeting held in the church on the 12th of February, 1867.  John M. Smith and Duncan K. Pulver presided, and Asa Hoag, John M. Smith, Henry Hoysradt, Eaton H. Card, Backus McIntyre, and Hiram Hoysradt were elected trustees.

     The present officers are Frederick C. Barton, Egbert Miller, Duncan K. Pulver, A. C. Niver, James Mickle, John M. Smith, trustees; John M. Smith and Duncan K. Pulver, elders; George H. Hopper, clerk.

     While connected with Pine Plains Presbyterian church Rev. William N. Sayre was the pastor.  Since the separation, July 1, 1877, Rev. Emory Van Wagoner has been pastor.

     The Sunday-school is a summer school, and was first organized about 1850-55, with William H. Smith as superintendent.  The present membership is about sixty, and the library contains over one hundred and fifty volumes.  The present officers are John M. Smith, superintendent; Mrs. Evelyn Hoysradt, assistant superintendent; William N. Smith, secretary; Mrs. Elizabeth Barton, treasurer; Albert L. Hoysradt, librarian.