By Capt. Franklin Ellis102


    There are a large number of small burial-grounds scattered about this town, most of them private ones.  They are generally in a sadly neglected condition.  Among the public grounds we mention one near the former site of the Baptist church in "Macedonia," and one on the east side of the Green river, at Austerlitz.


 is located at the Presbyterian church in that village.  It contains about two and a half acres of ground, surrounded by a handsome and substantial iron fence, and is owned by the Presbyterian and Methodist churches.  In it are the graves of many prominent citizens of the town.  Some of the monuments are very fine, notably the one erected to mark the resting-place of Dr. Ebenezer Reed.


was formed as an incorporated cemetery at a meeting held at the school-house on the evening of Feb. 18, 1858; Abijah Heath, chairman, and Mills Atwood, secretary.  Samuel C. Ingersoll, David K. Lane, Charles Kinne, Stephen W. Olmstead, Melancthon Shaw, David L. Osborn, Lyman C. Gleason, Ithamar Lane, Clark Beebee, Aaron Bell, and Alanson Osborn were the incorporators.

    Mills Atwood, Clark Beebee, Charles Kinne, Edwin J. Ford, Melancthon Shaw, and David L. Osborn were chosen trustees.  The cemetery is on the west side of the town, about a half-mile south of Austerlitz village, and contains one acre of land, which was a gift from Mrs. Hannah Lane.  The present officers, who also compose the present board of trustees, are Edwin J. Ford, president; Charles Kinne, vice-president and treasurer; C. Gamwell Varney, secretary; Melancthon Shaw, collector; and David K. Lane, sexton.

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