Biography of Elisha A. Bushnell


History of Columbia County, New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis

Published by Everts & Ensign

Philadelphia, PA



Between Pages  370 & 371


     Elisha W. Bushnell was born in the town of Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y., Dec. 27, 1818. His grandfather, George Bushnell, was born in Saybrook, Conn., whence he emigrated to Hillsdale at the age of eighteen, and settled on the adjoining farm west of the present Bushnell homestead. He had six children, among whom was John Bushnell, the second son, who was the father of Elisha W. Bushnell, whose name stands at the head of this article.

     John Bushnell was born on the farm where his father first settled, Sept. 26, 1789; married Sept. 26, 1810, to Loxea Lay, of Westbrook, Conn.; was a farmer by occupation, a man of energy and enterprise, and highly esteemed for his excellent character. He had ten children, all of whom reached maturity, and six of whom are now living.

     Elisha W. is the fifth child of John Bushnell. He was brought up on the farm, and educated in his boyhood at the common schools. In the fall of 1839 be settled on the place he now occupies, after purchasing the interest of his brother George. On the 18th of September, 1840, he was married to Emma, daughter of Dr. Benjamin House, of Hillsdale.

     Originally a Whig in politics, he became a Republican on the formation of the latter party. In 1854 he was elected to the Legislature, and served the succeeding term with credit.

     Mr. Bushnell has been a thoroughgoing and enterprising farmer. He has not only surrounded himself and family with the conveniences and comforts of a most desirable home, but has acquired a competence of this world's goods, and has been liberal in the use of his means for the higher aims and objects of life.

     Mr. and Mrs. Bushnell have had five children, only two of whom are living, viz.: Sarah E., wife of Mr. A. F. Park, of Otsego county, farmer, now residing in Hillsdale; and George V. Bushnell, a graduate of Yale College in 1874, and since then engaged chiefly in teaching as an occupation.

     Mr. Bushnell has been an active member of the Columbia County Agricultural Society since 1842, and held the office of president of the same from 1850 to 1855.