Biography of Hon. Cornelius H. Evans


History of Columbia County, New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis

Published by Everts & Ensign

Philadelphia, PA



Page 215


      Hon. Cornelius H. Evans son of the late Robert W. Evans, was born in the city of Hudson, N. Y., June, 22, 1841.  He received the rudiments of his education at the common schools, and was also classically instructed at the Hudson Academy and the private institute of Mr. Bradbury in Hudson.  Entering his father's mercantile counting-room at the age of nineteen,---where he remained till his father's death, in1868,---he had ample experience to qualify him for the responsibilities of an active partnership in the firm, which he assumed, the business being conduced under the firm-name of Phipps & Evans till 1873.  He then purchased the interest and real estate of Mr. Phipps in the cities of New York and Hudson, and took into partnership with him Mr. James H. Gaul and Mr. James H. Phipps, the firm-style being C. H. Evans & Co., of which Mr. Evans has since been the active and responsible head.  As a business man his career has been remarkably successful.  He built his present fine residence on Warren street in 1870, an in 1868 completed a block of stores and dwelling begun by his father.

     Mr. Evans was united in marriage in 1864 to Miss Imogene Grant, of Hudson, N. Y., and has two sons, Robert W. and Cornelius H., aged respectively thirteen and eleven years.

     In politics he is a Democrat, and as such has held several responsible positions in the municipal affairs of the city.  He was elected alderman in 1869, mayor in 1872; he was re-elected to the mayoralty in the fall of 1876, and still holds the office.  For two years past he has been a member of the Democratic central committee, and for twelve years secretary and treasurer of the Hudson Aqueduct Company.

     Under his administration of the city government marked improvements have been made.  The new Hudson water-works, costing originally two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, have been inaugurated and completed, and the present efficient police force of the city established.  Under his first administration about half of the city was supplied with sewerage, and other public works improved and new ones originated.  It may be said without exaggeration that his activity and public spirit have infused new life into the improvements of the city.  He is comparatively a young man, but in point of executive ability, force of character, business enterprise, and honorable dealing he has made a reputation for himself which is highly appreciated by his fellow-citizens.