Biography of Daniel Reed


History of Columbia County, New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis

Published by Everts & Ensign

Philadelphia, PA



Page 298


       Daniel Reed was born on the homestead now occupied by his son, Phineas D. Reed, in the town of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., March 9, 1801.  His ancestors were of English descent.  John reed, the first of the family in America, removed from England, and settled in Abington, Mass., whence the descendants scattered over different portions of the United States.  Gershom Reed, the grandfather of Daniel Reed, was born in Dutchess county, March 10, 1749, and removed to Chatham in 1791, locating on the farm now owned by Tabor Parks.  He here reared a family of seven sons and three daughters.  He died July 27, 1829, aged eighty years, four months, and seventeen days.  His wife, Jerusha, was born Jan. 3, 1751, and died Oct. 17, 1831, aged seventy-nine years, eleven months, and fourteen days.

     Phineas Reed, the father of Daniel Reed, was the fourth son, and was born in Dutchess Co., N. Y., June 18, 1775.  He was a farmer by occupation, and married Abigail Mills, daughter of John Mills, of Chatham, by whom he had five children,--two sons and three daughters.  A year or two after his marriage he purchased the present homestead,  on which he reared his family and resided till his death, which occurred Dec. 19, 1817, aged forty-two years and six months.  His wife, Abigail Reed, died Sept. 25, 1824.  Phineas Read was a captain of militia, and a man highly esteemed by his townsmen.

     Daniel Reed was brought up as farmers' boys usually are in the country, receiving his education at the common schools.  His father died when he was sixteen years of age, and he was placed in charge of the farm for his mother, under the direction of his grandfather till the other heirs became of age, when he bought their interest in the estate and became full possessor of the homestead.  On the 8th of November, 1826, he was united in marriage to Katy M. Walker, daughter of James Walker, of Chatham.  The marital relations were blessed with two children,--a daughter and a son,--viz.:  Carrie, now Mrs. John H. Rowe, of North Chatham; and Phineas D. Reed, his father's successor on the old homestead.

     Daniel Reed was an active and enterprising farmer, following that occupation through life.  He was a Republican in politics, and held several town offices, being a member of the board of supervisors in 1851, 1852, and 1859.  He departed this life on the 12th of June, 1877, in the seventy-seventh year of his age.  Mrs. Reed, whose likeness appears above, was born Sept. 11, 1807, and lived with her husband in married life over fifty years.  She still survives him, and is remarkably active for one of her age and feeble health.

     Phineas D. Reed was born March 16, 1839, and was married, June 1, 1858, to Phebe A. Rowe, daughter of George L. Rowe, of Chatham, who was born Sept. 23, 1838.  They have four children, born respectively as follows:  Carrie D Reed, Jan. 26, 1862; George L. Reed, Sept. 11, 1863; Fannie S. Reed, Sept. 25, 1872; Mattie A. Reed, March 13, 1875.

     Mr. Reed is one of the prominent farmers of the town of Chatham.