Chatham, Columbia Co.

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Brown, James R., veterinary surgeon

Chadwick, A. M. Mrs., boots and shoes

Ham, C., grist mill

Hoag, Thomas, hotel

Hoag, Thomas, jr., watch repairer

Hudson, C. B. & son, country store

Hulbert & Son, plows

Jones, James W., agricultural implements

Krum & Haight, manfrs. mowing machines

Lester, R. D., harness

McBride, P., grocer

Mickle, Sylvester, blacksmith

Morey, R. H., physician

Reed, John, carriages

Reynolds & Son, grocer

Thompson, Charles, speculator

Wait, Edward T., hotel

Wait Bros, stoves and tin

Watson, Alex., hotel

Wilbur, Samuel, farmer and lumber

Wilbur, Samuel, jr., saw mill


On the Harlem R. R., 24 miles form Troy.

Bullis Bros., manufrs. paper

Come, Stephen, shoemaker

Hudson, C. B., country store

Miller, Thomas, blacksmith

Schaffer, J. H. & Bro., grist mill

Shaver, Edgar A., wagons and blacksmith

Sliter, F., wagon maker

Van Alstine, Isaac, blacksmith

Van Alstyne, A., country store

Van Alstyne, C., builder

Vedder, R. H., physician

Voas, Richard, tailor


On the Harlem Railroad, 29 miles from Troy.  It is a handsome and flourishing village.

Allen, H. T., hotel

Ashley & Vincent, painters and furniture

Bailey, D., physician

Barnes, W. H. & Co., physicians and drugs

Barton, Chas. F., billiards

BEACH R. W. 7 SON, hotel

Best, J. L. Mrs., drugs

Blake, F. H., saloon

Blunt, J. W. & H. A., grocer

Boright, S. & J. W., lumber

Brainard, Mrs. J., milliner

Brainard, John, carpenter

Burrows, T. B., jeweler

Cady, Austin J., flour, &c.

Campbell, Archibald, shoemaker

CHATHAM COURIER, Canfield & Woolhiser

CHATHAM MERCANTILE ASSOCIATION, dry goods, also groceries

Childs, F. J., livery

Childs, Wm., saloon

Clark, Hiram, blacksmith

Clark Bros., manufrs. paper

Clark & Smith, meat market

CLARKE & VAN DUSEN, machinists

Crandall, Homer, dry goods

Craft, Theodore, butcher

Davis, Cassander F., country store

Drumm, Geo. E., furnace

Dunzi, Henry, shoemaker

Ferow, Daniel, cooper

Fish, Irwin A., agent, furniture

Ford, H. M., hats and caps

Garner, J. & manufr. pulp

Gilbert, B., manufr. paper

Gobeille, Leander, blacksmith

Groat & Milham, grocers, also shoes

Haynor, E. W. Mrs., milliner

HERRICK, C. L. & SON, leather and findings

Hildreth, George, painter

Hobel, Peter, carriages

Hoes, A., hotel

Hoes, Alex., hotel

Hoes, Israel, saloon

Huth, John, barber, &c.

Jerkowski, Samuel, clothing

Jost, Joseph, cigars

KAIN MICHAEL Sr., store and saloon

Kelsey, Lewis F., harness

Kenworthy, Mrs. S. L., bakery

Lake, Roger J., coal

Latham, Elias B., hotel

Lowe, Mrs., millenery

McBried, P.

Maxon, F., physician and drugs

Mealey, Mark, grocer

Mesick, Peter, manuf. paper

Mondshine, Samuel, tobacco

Morris, George L., stoves and tin

Mower, John S., manuf. paper

Ogden, N., harness

Ostrander, Cornelius C., grist mill

PLATT & SMITH, manufs. wadding

Foots & Mesick, carriages

Reese, D. L., saloon

Riley, Michael, tavern

Rogers, John, saloon

Shufelt, J. T., physician

Simpson, Henry D. & Co., manufs. gloves

Smith, Chas. C., marble

Smith & Co., manufs. paper

Son & Ames, manfs., paper

Starks, David L., boots and shoes

STEWART BROS., grist mill and saw mill

Swab, John & Bro.

Ten Broeck, W. H., country store

Tompkins, Chas., straw paper

Tompkins, M. M. manfr. paper

Tompkins & Doty, harness

Tracey, D. A. Mrs., millinery

Traver, J. B., hardware and grocer

Traver & Bell, country store

Travers & Walker, grocers

Tripp & Crance, fruit and fish

Tyler, Franklin W., saloon, &c.

Tyler & Harmon, country store

Van Allen, Abraham, barber and saloon

Van Buren, John, flour and coal

Van Dusen S. & Co., pork

Vincent, L. D., cabinet ware

VINCENT OSCAR F. & CO., furniture, &c.

Woodbridge, William A. & Co., bankers

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Wright, E. G., jewelry and fancy goods