Germantown, Columbia Co.

Page 994

     Is on the N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R., 105 miles from New York City.  From this place can be obtained one of the finest views of the Catskill Mountains, their grandeur being displayed to a better advantage than when viewed form any other point. 

Barringer, John H., painter

Barringer, Wm., carpenter

Bingham, C., paper mill

Coons, Chas C., fruit grower

Coons, Henry, fruit grower

Dinegar, Ephraim, wagons

Dinegar & Lasher, undertakers

Ellis, Wm., painter

Fisher, Alex., fruit grower

Funk, Geo., shoemaker

Germantown Transportation Co.

Hartman, Chas., shoemaker

Hover, Reuben, harness

KNISKERN ADAM, drugs and groceries

Knowles, C. S., tin, &c.

Lasher, Conrad, blacksmith

Lasher, John E., builder and coal

Lasher, Lewis C., insurance agent

Lasher, Philip, carpenter

Lasher, Rufus, hotel

Lasher & Rockerfeller, butchers.

Losee, A. T., physician

Mackay, Isaac N., blacksmith

Miller, Walter 2d, fruit grower

Miller, Walter, hotel

Mepps, John, boots and shoes

Potts, Philip H., hotel

Riverside Seminary

Rockafellar E. & Co., dry goods and groceries

Rockefellar, G. H., tavern

Rockefellar, Philip, country store

ROCKEFELLER HENRY H., agent mowing machines

Rowe, J. T., wagon maker

Snyder, John J., fish

Sipperly, Jacob, harness

Smith, Ebenezer P., blacksmith

Staats, Harmon, shoemaker

Statts, Jacob, grocer

Stickles, Hawley, painter

Tompkins, Wm., nursery

Werner, A., tailor

Winans, David, grocer.