Business Directory for the city of Hudson,

Columbia County, New York

from Boyd's Business Directory of 1869-70


Pages 345 & 349


[Transcribed by Susan Stalker Mulvey]




HUDSON, Columbia County.


     Columbia county formed April 4, 1786.  Hudson lies upon the east bank of the river by that name, 115 miles from New York and 29 from Albany.  The manufactures are extensive, consisting principally of iron.  Hudson was incorporated as a city in 1785.  Population about 10,000.  Upon the summit of a bluff overlooking the river, a public square and a broad street, or promenade, have been laid out and ornamented with trees and shrubbery.  Fine views are here afforded of the city, the river, and of the country on the opposite shore, with the Catskill Mountains in the background.  The Hudson and Boston railway extends from here to West Stockbridge in Mass., connecting at Chatham with the Western railway (Mass.), and at West Stockbridge with the Housatonic railway.  From Athens, on the opposite side of the river, a railway has recently been completed to Schenectady, connecting with the New York Central railway, principally for the conveyance of freight, in connection with river navigation to and from the West.  There are 4 academies and colleges, 2 libraries, 10 churches, 5 newspapers, 4 banks, a gas light company, &c., &c.

     CITY GOVERNMENT,--Jacob W. Hoysradt, Mayor.  Theodore Snyder, Recorder, Aldermen, 1st Ward--John T. Burdwin, William H. Perry.  2d Ward--John S. Ray, M. Hoffman, Philip.  3rd Ward--Charles A. Dingman, William H. Van Tasel.  4th Ward--Charles C. Malcher, Stephen W. Ham.  William Bryan, Clerk.   


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Adams A. J. millinery goods, 217 Warren Byrne Geo. C. brickyards, Mill near Brewery
Aldroft R. B. (S. Bachman & Co.), 331 Warren Calkins Alvin, carpenter, 233 Union
Alden G. W. kid gloves, 219 Warren Calkins T. T. physician, 274 Warren
Alger John, stoves, 93 Warren Canfield J. E. photographer, 322 Warren
Alger W. B. bootmaker, 316 Warren Carpenter Charles (R. M. Remington & Co.), 20 Warren
Allen G. B (Groat & Allen), 332 Warren Carpenter William H. (Ten Broeck & Carpenter), 10 South Front
Allen Lodge No. 92, I. O. of O. F. meet every Monday evening, Odd Fellows Hall Carter & Blake, proprietors Central House, Warren corner S. Fifth
Allisons Robert, hats, 156 Warren Central House, Carter & Blake, proprs. Warren
American Express Co. John H. Boultney, agent, 107 Warren Chace A. Frank B. (Newkirk & Chace, 305 Warren
Anable Henry, manuf. leather, 34 South Front Chapel E. A. (Hubbel & Chapel), Water corner Ferry
ANDREWS R. E. lawyer, 331 Warren Charlot J. H. jr., variety store, 306 Warren
ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC TELEGRAPH CO. office with Hudson News Co., A. J. Smith, Manager; 173 Warren Charlot Sophronia, milliner, 304 Warren
Austin A. W. hides, cor. Warren and public sq. Cheney & Hand, builders, Second near Warren
Avery Peter H. architect, 146 Warren City Hall House, Ed. Winans, prop. 158 Warren
Avery & Hildreth, carpenters, 146 Warren Clark C. Charles (Williams & Clark,) Central sq.
Bach Jean, watchmaker, 209 Warren Clark J. M. (Morris & Clark), Public square
Bachman Peter I. grocer, 353 Warren Cole & Fritz, butchers, Front corner Warren
Bachman Sam'l pres. Farmers' National Bank, 300 Warren Collier Casper P. lawyer, 329 Warren
Bachman Sophia, milliner, 290 Warren Collier Isaac N. lawyer, 329 Warren
Bachman S. & Co. (F. M. Best and R. B. Aldcroft), merchant tailors, 331 Warren Colman Fred'k, wagonmaker, Front near Green
Barringer Henry J. dentist; 103 Warren Colton A. dentist, 322 Warren
Barlow W. A. bootmaker, 175 Warren COLUMBIA REPUBLICAN (wkly), Bryan & Webb, publishers
Barnum E. flour and feed, 70 Warren Concklin George F. grocer, 207 Warren
Barton Thomas, grocer, 25 S. Front Connor Thomas, bootmaker, 56 Warren
Batchellor James, crockery, 120 Warren Cook C. P. (A. P. & C. P. Cook), 111 Warren
Baxter Chas. J. stationery, 292 Warren Cook A. P. & C. P. (A. P. and C. P. Cook,) physicians, 111 Warren
Baxter Harriet, fancy goods, 292 Warren Coons Ann M. variety store, 1 Warren
Beale Charles L. (Beale & Benton), 249 Warren Cowles Encampment, Post No. 65, G. A. of the R., meet every Friday evening, Odd-Fellows Hall
Beale & Benton (C. L. Beale and Warren C. Benton), lawyers, 249 Warren Crasper, W. H. grocer, 311 Warren
Beherns Augustus, carriage trimmer, 162 Warren Crissey John real estate, City Hall
Benedict R. B. hardware, stoves, &c. Water corn. Ferry Curtiss R. A. milliner, 291 Warren
Benham John C. physician, 121 Warren DAILY & WEEKLY STAR, A. N. Webb, editor and proprietor, 327 Warren
Benton Warren C. (Beale & Benton), 249 Warren Dakin Henry W. butcher, 74 Warren
Best F. M. (S. Bachman & Co.), 331 Warren Dalzell & Sons, carriage manuf. Central square
Best Henry, druggist, 351 Warren Decker R. boots, 104 Warren
Best James, butcher, 69 Warren Deyo Garrat, hairdresser, 79 Warren
Blake Samuel E. butcher, 181 Warren Dosenheim N. (Strauss & Dosenheim), 303 Warren
Blunt Sarah (Blunt & Hotaling), 122 Warren Doyle Lawrence, grocer, 11 S. Front
Blunt & Hotaling (S. Blunt and J. Hotaling), trimmings, 122 Warren Du Bois P. (Du Bois & White), 399 Warren
Bogardus Abram (Bogardus & Van Ness), 65 Diamond Du Bois S. A. president National Hudson River Bank, 99 Warren
Bogardus & Co. brickyard, Mill DU BOIS & WHITE (F. Du Bois and R. H. White), hardware, 339 Warren
Bogardus & Van Ness (Abraham Bogardus and Sherman Van Ness), dealers in bluestone, 65 Diamond Edwards S. (Tiffany & Edwards), 323 Warren
Bogart J. D. V. boots, 307 Warren Elmer E. P. L. bookstore, 129 Warren
Bortle Cornelius, saloon, 95 Warren Elting W. R. boots, 336 Warren
Bostwick E. F. liquors, 349 Warren Esselstyn, H. V. lawyer, 208 Warren
Bostwick E. W. physician, 10 North Fourth Esselstyn Charles, lawyer, 208 Warren
Boultney John H. agent Am. Ex. Co. 107 Warren Evans & Co. brewers, Mill
Bradley G. W. pumps, 9 Partition Fairfield Josiah W. president First National Bank of Hudson, 167 Warren
Bradley M. M. fancy goods, 122 Warren Farmers' National Bank.  Samuel Bachman, pres.; C. C. Macy, cash.; 300 Warren
Brayman Wm. H. liquors, 343 Warren Farry John, liquors, 177 Warren
Brower Giles J. harnessmaker, Warren n. Public square Faxton E. & Co. boots, 324 Warren
Brown Franklin, dyer, 8 S. Third Fellows Henry, grocer, 182 Warren
Brown William, hats and furs, 318 Warren Fiero C. C. dry goods, 126 Warren
Bruso Edward, bricks, Mill First National Bank of Hudson.  Josiah W. Fairfield, pres.; Robert S. Shepard, cash.; 167 Warren
Bruso Theodore, brickyards, Mill Fitch S. Rev. pastor Methodist Episcopal church
Bryan William (Bryan & Webb), 100 Warren Forshew Frank, photographer, 241 Warren
Bryan & Webb (Wm. Bryan and F. W. Webb), job printers, 100 Warren Franklin Library Association, City Hall
Bryant P. H. butcher, cor. Front and South Frazier David R. pastor Presbyterian church
Burdwin J. T. sign painter, 75 Warren Fuller & Rowley, boots, Public square
Burger & Mull, livery stables, Union cor. S. First Gage H. D. crockery and china, 321 Warren
Burns R. H. Confectionery, 59 Warren Gardiner J. S. prop. American Hotel, Franklin opposite Railroad depot
Bush Albert, musty ale house, 334 Warren Gaul & Esselstyn, lawyers, 9 S. Fourth
Butler C. E. watchmaker and jeweler, 227 Warren