Hudson, Columbia Co.

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     Hudson lies upon the east bank of the river by that name, 115 miles from New York and 29 from Albany.  The manufactures are extensive, consisting principally of iron.  There is an establishment for manufacturing steam fire engines.  Hudson was incorporated as a city in 1785.  Population about 10,000.  Upon the summit of a bluff overlooking the river, a public square and a broad street, or promenade, have been laid out and ornamented with trees and shrubbery.  Fine views are here afforded of the city, the river, and of the country on the opposite shore, with the Catskill mountains in the background.  The Hudson and Boston railway extends from here to West Stockbridge in Mass., connecting at Chatham with the Western railway (Mass.), and at West Stockbridge with the Housatonic railway.  From Athens, on the opposite side of the river, a railway has recently been completed to Schenectady, connecting with the New York Central railway, principally for the conveyance of freight, in connection with river navigation to and from the West.  There are 4 academies and colleges, 2 libraries, 10 churches, 5 newspapers, 4 banks, a gas light company, &c.


Adams, A. J., dry goods, 217 Warren

Alcott, T. B. & Co., fruits and groceries, 163 Warren

Alger, John, stoves, ranges, &c., 93 Warren

Alger, William B., shoe manufacturer, 316 Warren

Allison, Robert, hatter, 156 Warren

American Hotel, H. Thornton, prop. opp. H. R. R. R. Depot

ANABLE, HENRY, wool, leather and findings, 34 S. Front [see adv.]

Andrews, R. E., lawyer, 331 Warren

Atwood, William H., lawyer, S. Fourth c. Prison Alley

Avery & Hildreth, carpenters, 146 Union

Bach, Jean, jeweler, 209 Warren

Bachman, Peter I., grocer, 353 Warren

Bachman, S. & Co., clothing, 331 Warren

Badgley, William & Co., coal merchants, N. of Ferry

Baker & Malcher, painters and paper hangers, 234 Warren

Baringer, Henry J., druggist, 103 Warren

Barlow, W. A., grocer, 128 Warren

Barnum, Erasmus, grocer, 194 Warren

Barton, Thomas, grocer, 25 S. Front

Batchellor, James, crockery, glass ware, &c., 120 Warren

Bathrick, F., boots and shoes, 6 S. Front

Baxter, C. J., millinery and news agent, 29 Warren

Beale & Benton, lawyers, 247 Warren

Behrens, Augustus, harness and carriage trimmer, 162 Warren

Belknap & Livermore, clothiers, 205 Warren

Benedict, R. B., hardware, Water c. Ferry

Benham, John C., physician, 121 Warren

BEST, HENRY, druggist, 351 Warren

Best, James, butcher, 69 Warren

Biddle, Josiah, candy, 31 Diamond

Blake, Fletcher, hotel, 5 Columbia

Blake, S. E., meat market, 181 Warren

Blunt & Hotaling, trimmings, 122 Warren

Boston, Wm., hats, caps and furs, 317 Warren

Bostwick, E. F., saloon, 345 Warren

Boynton, Theodore A., boots and shoes, 175 Warren

Bradley, G. W., pumps and blocks, 9 Partition

Bradley, Mary M., fancy goods, 122 1-2 Warren

Brayman, W. H., restaurant, Warren c. Public Square

Brower, G. J., harness maker, 366 Warren

Brown, F. A., dyer, 2 S. Third

Brown, John, saloon, 125 Warren

Brown, William, hatter, 318 Warren

BRYAN & WEBB, printers, 100 Warren

Bryant, J. F., grocer, 7 S. Front

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Bugel, F. D., saloon, 359 Warren

Burger & Kidney, carriages, Union c. First

Burgert, Geo. L., news agent, 312 1-2 Warren

Burns, R. H., baker, 59 Warren

Bush, Albert, billiards, City Hall Place

Butler, Chas. E., jeweler, 327 Warren

Byrne, George C., brick yards, Mill n. Brewery

Calkins, A. L., livery, Worth House, 89 Warren

Calkins, T. T., physician, 272 Warren

Canfield, James E., photographer, 322 Warren

Casey, Chas. H., carpenter, S. Third n. Union

Catskill & Albany Steamboat Co., N. Side Ferry

Charlot, J. H. Mrs., millinery, 304 Warren

Cheney & Hand, carpenters, 10 N. Second

Cheney, Hand & Co., boots and shoes, 118 Warren

Clancy, K. & M. Misses, variety goods, 104 Warren

CLAPP & JONES MANUFACTURING CO., steam engines, South Bay n. Hudson River R. R. [see adv.]

Clark, E. M., grocer, 187 Warren

Clark, Wheeler H., lawyer, 324 Warren

Clark & Haviland, hay and salt, Water c. Ferry

Clarke, W. F., lawyer, 217 Warren

Coady, John C., saloon, 13 N. Front

Codey, Tobias, saloon, 3 S. Front

Cole & Fritts, butchers, Warren c. N. Front

Coleman, Frederick, wheelwright, 59 Columbia

COLLIER C. P. & N., lawyers, 329 Warren

Colton A., dentist, 322 Warren

COLUMBIA COUNTY IRON WORKS, J. W. Hoysradt, agent, Water n. Depot

COLUMBIA REPUBLICAN, weekly, Bryan & Webb, publisher, 100 Warren

Concklin, Walter F., grocer, Warren c. Fifth

Condon P., saloon, 14 S. Front

Connor, Thomas, shoes, 12 Warren

Cook, A. P. & C. P., physicians, 111 Warren

Coons, S. R., saloon, 290 Warren

Couse, L. P. & Co., grocers, 361 Warren

Crapser, W. H. & Co., grocers, 311 Warren

Crego, George W., coal, 100 Diamond

Crossman, S. E., hair dresser, 302 Warren

Crous, Christina, saloon, 29 S. Front

Custiss, R. A., millinery, 291 Warren

Dakin, Henry W., meat market, 74 Warren

Davis, S. W., stoves, &c., 16 N. Sixth

Deyo G., barber, 79 Warren

Dormandy, J. C., coal, N. Front c. Diamond

Drowne, Henry W., physician, 54 Warren

DU BOIS & BRUSIE, hardware, 339 Warren

Edwards, Samuel, lawyer, 324 Warren

Elmer, E. P. L., books, 129 Warren

Elting, W. R., boots and shoes, 151 Warren\Elton, Wm., M., boots and shoes, 151 Warren

Ely, David J., saloon, Ferry

Esselstyn, H. V., lawyer, 208 Water

Fairfield, George B., insurance agent, 98 Warren

Farmers' National Bank, 300 Warren

Farry, John, saloon, 177 Warren

Faxon, E., Hudson News Co., 173 Warren

Fiero, C. Christian, dry goods, 126 Warren

Fingarr, Charles, confectionery 243 Warren

First Nation Bank of Hudson, 167 Warren

Forshew, Frank, photographer, 241 Warren

Fowler, Jeremiah D., sewing machines, 164 Hudson

Fox, Joseph, butcher, 127 Warren

Fredlander, Joseph, clothier, 123 Warren

French, D. A., furniture, 307 Warren

GANTLEY, J. H., crockery, 295 Warren

Gaul, J. R., grocer, 13 Columbia

Gaul & Esselstyn, lawyers, S. Fourth c. Prison Alley

Gebhard, Charles W., insurance agent, N. Seventh

Gifford, E. H., lumber, 287 Union

Gifford Bros., iron and brass founders, 31 Columbia

Gifford, Julian & Bro., agricultural implements, 22 Columbia

Gillespie, Antony, grocer, Warren c. Front

Gordon, Thomas H., shoemaker, 2 s. Third

Green, Isadore, dry goods, 287 Warren

Greenfield, Augustus, billiard rooms, Public Square

Greenthal M. & Schattman, clothiers, 328 Warren

Groat, A. H., billiards and bowling alley, r. Worth House

Groat & Allen, grocers, 332 Warren

Guernsey & Terry, dry goods, 317 Warren

Hakes, Walter B., painter, S. Fifth c. Union

Hallenbeck, Harvey, restaurant, 95 Warren

Ham, P. L., grocer, 1 Green

Hamilton, D. W., butcher, 202 Warren

Hankes, Arthur M., lawyer, S. Fourth c. Prison Alley

Hannah & Jones, jewelers, 293 Warren

Hardick, Mary A., variety store, 289 1-2 Warren

Harris, Abraham, clothier, 77 Warren

Harrison, John S., painter, 59 Columbia

Haviland, J. T., grocer and shipping mer., Franklin Square