Kinderhook, Columbia Co.

     Is three miles form Kinderhook station, on the Harlem R. R.  Martin Van Buren's home was here.  It contains 2 banks, an academy, &c.

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Birckmeyer, Philip, furniture

Bradley, W., hotel

Brown, Samuel N., carriage maker

Cook, Jacob, gents' furnishing

DeMyer, Benjamin, tavern

Earl, G. D., cotton factory

Feigh, Michael, shoemaker

Flagler, Leonard B, drugs

Gardiner, Hugh, groceries, &c.

Graves, Richard, oysters, &c.

Griffin, Lorenzo, shoes

Haes, John, blacksmith

HERRICK, C. L., soap, candles and leather

Hover, E. L., hoop skirts

HOWLAND W. B., publisher Columbia Co. Advertiser

Johnson, Catharine Miss, country store

Keenan, John, saloon

Kipp, William, jeweler, &c.

Langley, E. M. Miss, millinery

Lathrop & Reynolds, hardware

Lillebridge, Benj. L., shoemaker

Loomis, A. I., marble

Lynch, Daniel, blacksmith

Meyer, Benj. D., taverns

MIX, WM. B., groceries and drugs

Murrill, George, country store

National Bank of Kinderhook, capital $250,000

National Union Bank, capital $200,000

Niverville Wadding Co.

Palmer, Chas., tin and sheet iron

Patterson, Geo. C., billiards and liquors

Powell, John, butcher

Pruyn, Lucas, speculator and physician

Pruyn, Peter G. S., physician

Reid, Marcus H. Mrs. millinery and groceries

Rexford, Leonard S., watchmaker

Richelieu, Dominick, shoemaker

Risedorf, Edward, blacksmith

Risedorph, Franklin, saddles, &c.

Ritz, Frank, coach painter

Schermerhorn S. Miss, milliner

Sharp, Andrew, butcher

Sweet, J. C., stationary

Van Alstyne, F. B., drugs

Van Epps, A. B., grocer

Van Loan, John, Tailor

Van Volkenburgh, C. M., harness

Van Volkenburgh, W. F., painter

Whitbeck, Aaron V. D., grocer