Business Directory for the town of Valatie,

Columbia County, New York

from Boyd's Business Directory of 1869-70


Pages 567 & 568


[Transcribed by Susan Stalker Mulvey]




VALATIE, Columbia County.


     Columbia county formed April 4, 1786.  Valatie, situated at the junction of Kinderhook creek and the outlet of Kinderhook lake, was incorporated June 20, 1858.  It is two miles from Kinderhook station on the Boston & Albany Railroad, and 16 miles from Albany.  It contains the Columbia Steam Boiler Company, cotton and woolen mills, paper mill, plaster mill, and other manufacturing establishments, and some very handsome private residences.

     VILLAGE OFFICERS,--C. W. Tremper, President; S. W. Carpenter, B. Mesick, J. W. Peterson, C. Merwin, Trustees; W. H. Pulver, Clerk; J. B. Richmond, Treasurer.


Abbot Alex, (Hanna, Abbott & Co.), Main and Chatham Miller James, telegraph operator, Main
Abbott Wm. D. , baker and confectioner, Main McLaughlin Thomas, saloon, Main
Abbott W. G., grocer, Main Measick Barent, carpenter, Mechanic
Abrams John, mason, Main Measick & Skinkle (J. Measick and W. Skinkle), blacksmiths, Mechanic
American Express Co., Wilson Miller, agt. Main Miller Allen, blacksmith, Main
Balis Edgar, dentist, Main Miller James, druggist, Main
Becker A. V., hardware and stoves, Main Miller Stephen, ice dealer, Lake
Becker Sylvester, harnessmaker, Main Mitchell W. J. livery, Main
Benson Geor. E. physician, Main Mitchell W. J. Mrs. milliner, Main
Benson M. & R. Misses, milliners, Main Patton James, furniture dealer, Main
Benson Samuel (Hanna, Abbott & Co.), Chatham Peterson John, wagon maker, Mechanic
Berry Charles Rev. pastor Presbyterian church, Main Prospect Hill Cemetery Association; J. Carpenter, president; E. Balis, secretary; Main
Bowers Lewis, barber, Main Pulver Anthony, shoemaker, Main
Bulkley Gershom, lawyer, Main Pulver Nathaniel & Co. (Lewis Launt), flour and feed, Main
Busby John, hats, caps, and furs, and sewing machines, Main Pulver W. H. grocer, Main
Canoll Anson, shoemaker, Main Purcell Michael, saloon, Main
Carpenter E. O. dry goods, &c. Main Ransford Geo. (Eighmey & Ransford), Main
CARPENTER S. W. attorney and counsellor at law, and sec'y Columbia Patent Steam Boiler Furnace Co. office Main (See adv.) Rathbone Wm. P. Valatie Wadding Mills, Main
COLUMBIA PATENT STEAM BOILER FURNACE CO.  C. Wild, president; S. W. Carpenter, secretary; J. V. Reynolds, superintendent; Main (See adv. vol'd page.) Reynolds Hiram, wagon maker, Main
Couse Edward, butcher, Main Richmond J. B. dry goods and groceries, Main
Daley G. K. lawyer Main Roberts John, tobacconist, Main
Davis Charles, coal dealer, Main Rodgers, Thomas, saloon, Main
Dennis Worthy, tailor, Main Sharp A. G. boots and shoes, Main
Eighmey Eugene (Eighmey & Ransford), Main Sharp James A. confectioner, Main
Eighmey & Ransford (E. Eighmey and G. Ransford), tobacconists, Main Shaughness (T. Shaughness & Gardenier, Main
Farrar A. H. (Silvernail & Farrar), Main Sheldon Charles, carpenter, Main
Fiske Henry, blacksmith, Main Sheldon S. J. Mrs. milliner, Main
Fink J. C. harnessmaker, Main Silvernail Wm. H. (Silvernail & Farrar), Main
Friedlander Manuel, clothier, Main Silvernail & Magee (P. Silvernail & A. Magee), dry goods and groceries, Main
Gardenier R (Shaughness & Gardenier, Main Silvernail Adam (Lyon & Silvernail), Main
Geer W. E. grocer, Main Silvernail Henry, milkman, Chatham
Gerst Lewis, dry goods, &c. Main Silvernail Peter, (Silvernail & Magee), Main
Goldsmith & Miller, blacksmith, Main Silvernail & Farrar (W. H. Silvernail and A. H. Farrar), lawyers, Main
Hall Wm. grocer, Main Skinkle Wm. (Measick & Skinkle), Mechanic
Hallady F. S. Dry goods, &c., Main Smith J. I. tailor, Main
Hanna Samuel (Hanna, Abbot & Co.), Chatham Smith Wm. & George, hotel keepers, Main
Hanna, Abbott & Co. (S. Hanna, A. Abbott, and S. Benson), cotton mills, Chatham Snyder John, tinner, Mechanic
Harrison Lancelot (Van Slyke & Harrison, Main Spears William, carriage trimmer, Mechanic
Heath A. B. photographer, Main Swain C. H. grocer, Main       
Henderson Francis (Henderson, Hoffman & Co.), Chatham TALLMADGE S. G. physician and postmaster, Main
Henderson, Hoffman & Co. (F. Henderson and  Hoffman), knitting mills, Chatham Ten Eyck Ambrose, barber, Main
Hendrixson Henry, blacksmith, Spring Tremper C. W., police justice, Main
     Hoffman), knitting mills, Chatham Tremper Henry Mrs. dressmaker, Main
Hewett Samuel, saloon, Main Valatie Lodge No. --, F. & A. M. Main
Hoffman John (Henderson, Hoffman & Co.), Chatham Valatie Lodge No. 332, I. O. of O. F. Main
Iler Henry, propr. United States Hotel, Main Valatie Lodge No. 446, I. O. of G. T. Main
Kemper Henry, insurance agent, Main VALATIE YOUNG MENS' ASSOCIATION, A. H. Farrar, president, Main
Kendall Dennis, carpenter and builder, Main Vanalen Isaac, segar[sic] maker, Main
Launt Lewis (N. Pulver & Co.), Main Van Buren James, mason, Main
Lipperley Mrs. dressmaker, Main Vandyke H. Mrs. milliner, Main
Lynch Larry, blacksmith, Mechanic Van Slyke Peter R. (Van Slyke & Harrison), Main
Lyon Theodore (Lyon & Silvernail), Main Van Slyke & Harrison (P. B. Van Slyke and L. Harrison), drugs, paints, oil, &c. Main
Lyon & Silvernail (T. Lyon and A. Silvernail), hardware, Main Vosburgh J. C. Nurseryman, Main
Mcgee Abram (Silvernail & Magee), Main Wilbur, E. R. (H. Mott Wilbur & Co.), Main
Maston C. H. physician, Main Wilbur H. Mott & Co. (E. R. Wilbur), dry goods and groceries, Main
Masten C. H. Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, Main Wilds N. Sons (Charles and Alfred), cotton mills, Main
Merwin Samuel, watchmaker, Main  
Merwin W. J. dentist and watchmaker, Main