By Capt. Franklin Ellis297


     The original town of Chatham was erected in pursuance of an act passed March 17, 1795, which provided that from and after the first Monday of April, certain parts of the towns of Canaan and Kinderhook should constitute a new town, "whose first meeting shall be held at the house of Ebenezer Crocker."  The officers elected were:  Supervisor, James Savage; Town Clerk, James Palmer; Assessors, Peter Van Alstyne, Martin Krum, William Gardner, Hosea Bebee; Collectors, Ichabod Lester, David Bebee; Constables, Noah Westover, James Lockwood; Poormaster, Abraham Hogeboom; Fence-viewers, William Chamberlain, Seth Rowland, Rowland Gifford, Alexander Webster, Robert Gardner, William Davenport; Commissioners of Highways, Jason Lester, Daniel Smith, Jared Pratt; Census Takers, Peter Van Alstyne, William Gardner.

     These reported, Oct. 12, 1795, that there were two hundred and ninety-nine electors in town of the value of one hundred pounds; nineteen of the value of twenty pounds; and sixty-two of the value of forty shillings; three hundred and eighty voters in all.

     The second annual meeting was held at Ebenezer Crocker's house, April 5, 1796, in the presence of Esquire Adam Van Ness, Hosea Bebee, Samuel Wilbor, Jr., and Stephen Minton. 



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