By Capt. Franklin Ellis304


     New Concord is a very pleasant hamlet, in the southeastern part of the town, near the Canaan line.  It is about five miles northeast from Chatham village, and a mile south form East Chatham, on the railroad, to which place the business of New Concord has been diverted.  There are about thirty houses, mostly the homes of retired families.  the early settlers in this locality were the Palmers, Bebees, Eastons, Pratts, Savages, Lovejoys, Dotys, and Cadys.

     Hosea Bebee had one of he first stores, in a small house in the lower part of the settlement.  Afterwards he had a more central location.  Anson Pratt was in trade about the same time.  David & Daniel B. Lovejoy, Cady & Vanderburgh, and Charles Lovejoy also sold goods.  The latter was appointed postmaster in 1872, and held the position until his death.  The store and office is now kept by his family.

     Public-houses have been kept by James Brebner, Benjamin Lovejoy, and B. Van Valkenburgh.

     At New Concord and East Chatham were located as physicians, Drs. Joseph Brewster, Augustine Haven, Eleazer Root, -------Warner, and the present Dr. Silas N. Coffin.




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