By Capt. Franklin Ellis323


     In 1832, while Rev. Arnold Schofield was the presiding elder of the district, measures were taken to establish a Methodist church at North Chatham.  The following year George L. Rowe, John I. Budd, and Timothy Nichols were appointed a committee to inaugurate the movement to build a church.  In 1834 the house was erected at a cost of $1600, and dedicated Jan. 8, 1835, by the Rev. Buel Goodsel.  This was used until the completion of the present handsome edifice, which is one of the finest churches in the northern part of the county.

     Among the early members of the church were John Budd, Jesse Stever, John Q. Huyck, John I. Budd, George L. Rowe, Timothy Nichols, Elijah Budd, Heber Palmer, and their wives.

     The church was incorporated April 11, 1836, with trustees George L. Rowe, Jesse Stever, Elihu Budd, John I. Budd, and H. Palmer.  It was first (until 1851) served as part of the old Chatham circuit, then united to Chatham centre, and now forms a separate charge.  The Clergy since 1835 have been Revs. Joshua Poor, Amos Hazleton, William F. Hurd, Hiram Meeker, S. Covel, C. Barber, D. Osgood, W. D. Stead, Christopher R. Morris, Horace B. Knight, Alfred A. Farr, William Henry, John Pegg, Aaron Hall, R. Kelley, D. Poor, W. P. Gray, Warren Little, T. Seymour, W. W. Pierce, Samuel Stover, and E. Goss.  Since 1851 the Revs. William A. Miller, John W. Belknap, P. P. Harrower, Hiram Blanchard, Richard T. Wade, Berea O. Meeker, Sylvester P. Williams, Merritt B. Mead, David Lytle, Frederick Widmer, George W. Brown, David P. Hulburt, Joseph B. Sylvester, William H. Washburne, William Bedell; and, in 1878, Junius G. Fallon.



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