Circa 1917

These photos of the Chatham Center Methodist Episcopal Church was

kindly submitted


Jane Williams Wood

16 February 2004

Jane writes: the pictures was taken prior to 1917 when the windows were changed to stained glass.  It also had a double steeple at that time, which was removed.  The record says that on March 11, 1848 a subscription list was started for the building of a church for the Methodists.  John J. Van Valkenburgh headed the list with $200.00.  In less than two weeks, $1,290.00 was subscribed and they proceeded to build.  The dedication was November 14, 1849 and the cost of the church was $2,750.00.

This photo may be the Fiftieth celebration, as the seem to be in period dress.  The people in the photo top row from left to right:

1.   Mrs. Sherman Van Ness

2.   Mrs. Fletcher Williams

3.   Mrs. Edward Ackley

4.   Mrs. Dean Musick (Etta Mulherron)

           Second Row

5.   Sadie Harris Ellis

6.   Vera Come Chase

7.   Helen Tobias Williams

8.   Mrs. George Tobias

9.   Mrs. John Pitts

10. Mrs. Henry Sliter

11. Mrs. Adams (minister's wife)

             Third Row

12. Charlie Tobias

13. Mrs. Clarence Van Alstyne

14. Mrs. Frank Van Alstyne

15. Clara Van Ness Flowers

16. Mrs. William Goold

              Fourth Row

17. Dykman Sterling

18, Charlie Mulherron

19. Helen Petry

20 Dolly Tobias Clapp.



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