By Capt. Franklin Ellis320


     It is probable that the religious body called the "Church in Christ of New Concord,"  Congregational in doctrine, was organized soon after the country was settled.  But the old records have been destroyed, and nothing more than a list of the original members has been preserved.  This embraces the names of Deacon Seth Jenney, Deacon Joseph Smith, Deacon Stephen Palmer, John Davis, Jeremiah Burgess, Thomas Hulburt, Justus Betts, Abel Eaton, Simeon Doty, Joseph Brewster, Stephen Davis, Samuel Doty, William Benjamin, Stephen Churchill, Edward Palmer, Judson Parks, David Barnes, and Alfred Parsons.  Rev. John Waters was their pastor.  Prior to his connection the Revs. Stevens and Leonard ministered to the people in a log meeting-house, which, before 1800, gave place to a frame structure.

     In 1815 the church became Presbyterian in government, and called Rev. Joel T. Benedict as pastor, who remained until 1827.  After a short vacancy, Rev. M. Raymond succeeded to the pastoral office.

     In 1835 the church again became Congregational, the pastors, in the order of their connection, being the Revs. John T. Avery, Nathaniel Pine, Abel Crandell, Theodore S. Brown, and others for short periods.

     On the 5th of November, 1856, the name of the church was changed to the "Reformed Dutch,"  and the following consistory ordained:  Elders, Hezekiah H. Lovejoy, Joseph D. Clark, Charles W. Lovejoy; Deacons, Orlando B. Allen, Andrew M. Clark, and William Doty.  There were at this time about fifty members.  The church edifice was moved ot its present site soon after and placed in good repair.  It is at present (1878) a very comfortable place of worship.  The Rev. Henry E. Decker became the first pastor, continuing until 1860; Rev. Josiah Jansen, from 1861 to 1864; Rev. David A. Jones, 1864-67; J. H. Bevier, 1867-73.   This was the last settled pastorate.  Since that period the church has been supplied by the Revs. H. R. Harris, C. S. Mead, and A. W. Ashley.  The latter is the present spiritual tutor of the forty-two members composing the church.  The consistory is composed of Elders H. H. Lovejoy, O. B. Allen, H. A. Ashley, and Deacons J. T. Vosburgh, A. Staats, and J. O. Niles.



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