Columbia County,

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis20




Page 238



embraces ten acres of ground, pleasantly located at Mellenville, on the Philmont road.  It is neatly enclosed, and other improvements have made it an attractive spot.  The grounds are controlled by the Union Cemetery Association, organized Aug. 20, 1860, with the following trustees:  Cornelius Clum, Jacob P. Shufelt, S. Rossman, Jeremiah Stever, Cyrus Groat, F. S. Miller, and G. P. Philip.  These chose F. S. Miller president, and G. P. Philip secretary and treasurer.  These offices are at present held by Walter V. Ten Broeck, president, and George Southard, secretary and treasurer.

    At Claverack, Churchtown, and Martindale are fine cemeteries, in connection with churches at those places, containing the graves of the first settlers.  There are, also, a number of fine private burying-grounds, and several which belonged to families whose descendants have removed that are much neglected.