The Civil Government


Columbia County,

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis18




Page 236


     The Civil Government of Claverack began with its formation as a district, in the old county of Albany, March 24, 1772.  Before  that time the affairs of the people were managed in a domestic way, under the general direction of the patroon and some of the leading men, selected for this purpose.  At a later period these were known as the committee of safety or tithing-men.  Very unfortunately, the transactions of these committees have not been preserved, and the records of the district and town, before 1834, have been destroyed.  Their loss  makes a full history of a most interesting period impossible, as the data can be supplied from no other source.  Nothing but the names of some of the principal town officers, after the organization of the county, can be given in this connection.  These, since 1786, have been as follows:


SUPERVISORS.--Stephen Hogeboom, till 1790; George Monell, 1791-98; John C. Hogeboom, 1799-1800; George Monell, 1801-6; Peter Mesick, 1807-16; Anthony Boucher, 1817-23; John Martin, Jr., 1824; Jacob P. Mesick, 1825-26; John Martin, 1827; Abraham Jordan, 1828; Leonard Freeland, 1829-30; Philip W. Pulver, 1831-33.   






1834 Philip W. Pulver Ambrose S. Russell W. H. Race
      Ambrose Root
1835 ditto E. W. Stannard George H. Tator
1836 ditto Cornelius Race Solomon C. Barton
      Edw'd Sagendorph
      John Milham
1837 Stephen Storm ditto Peter Snyder
1838 John Martin John P. Mesick George P. Philip
1839 ditto Stephen Storm Sylvanus Smith
1840 John Milham Jerome B. Tuttle Edw'd Sagendorph
1841 Wm. W. Rockefeller Wm. J. Miller Ambrose S. Russell
1842 Samuel Rowley ditto George P. Philip
1843 Ambrose Root David C. Neefus Edward Gernon
1844 ditto Fred. N. Mesick John B. Sharpe
      Erastus W. Stannard
1845 Milton Martin Fred N. Mesick Harvey Richmond
1846 ditto ditto George Decker
1847 Ambrose S. Russell ditto Edward Gernon
1848 ditto David C. Neefus Elbridge G. Studley
1849 Obed Gardner ditto George Decker
1850 Frederick Mesick ditto Edward Gernon
1851 Obed Gardner ditto Jer. H. Sagendorph
1852 Peter Poucher ditto Elbridge G. Studley
1853 ditto John H. Dickie Philip J. Shufelt
1854 Anson Martin Eben'r F. Bartlett Peter Whiting
1855 ditto T.V.C. V' Rensselaer C. C. Shaver
1856 Edward L. Demarest ditto Andrew Sagendorph
1857 ditto James J. Studley Elbridge G. Studley
      J. H. Sagendorph
1858 Samuel M. Miller Nicholas S. Race Richard S. Simon
1859 Peter Mesick James J. Studley Tobias Esselstyn
1860 ditto ditto Abram Martin
      Henry P. Horton
1861 Peter Mesick Charles G. Melius Elbridge G. Studley
1862 ditto Wm. H. Melius Stephen Storm
1863 ditto ditto Henry P. Horton
1864 ditto Charles G. Melius Abram Martin
1865 ditto Wm. H. Van Tussell Elbridge G. Studley
1866 ditto Robert Bennett G. G. Hermance
1867 ditto ditto Henry P. Horton
1868 Allen S. Miller Ab'm R. Van Deusen Edw'd L. Vandeboe
1869 Nelson P. Aken Ruluf Neefus Robert Bennett
1870 ditto ditto Elbridge G. Studley
1871 Peter S. Pulver Aug. W. Lasher Henry P. Horton
1872 ditto ditto Sylvanus Lockwood
1873 Henry P. Horton Wm. H. Melius Robert Bennett
1874 Edw. L. Demarest Ruluf Neefus Elbridge G. Studley
      David C. Neefus
1875 Henry P. Horton Wm. H. Melius Henry P. Horton
1876 Nelson P. Aken ditto Sylvanus Lockwood
1877 John Sagendorph ditto Jeremiah M. Storm
      David Van Deusen
1878 Peter S. Pulver George M. Harder John S. Colgrove
      David C. Neefus
      Abram Martin