The Claverack

Library Society


Columbia County,

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis30




Page 243


     The Claverack Library Society was organized Dec. 1, 1829, with the following member:  Samuel R. McClellan, James K. Van Ness, Peter P. Heermana, Jacob S. Miller, Richard Sluyter, Jacob P. Mesick, Stephen Gunn, R. Henry Van Rensselaer, James V. D. P. Schumacher, Phineas Walker, John Poucher, Cornelius Esselstyne, Lawrence Fonda, John I. Miller, William C. Niles, William A. Weaver, Dennis Stow, Andrew Poucher, Joseph C. Holmes, Anthony Ten Broeck, Jonathan Storm, John A. La Bagh, Jacob Esselstyne, Jr., and A. H. Van Rensselaer.  Each paid five dollars into a common fund, and a good library was established and continued a number of years.