The West Hillsdale Baptist Church,

At Martindale,



Columbia County,

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis34



Page 248


    The West Hillsdale Baptist Church, at Martindale, in Claverack was organized at Craryville in 1803, with eight members.  A society was duly incorporated June 1, 1833, which, in 1854, erected the present house of worship.  It is an attractive frame edifice, forty by sixty feet, very pleasantly located in the southern part of the hamlet of Martindale, and was dedicated in June of the following year by Rev. George C. Baldwin, D.D., assisted by Rev. Reuben Jeffrey, of Albany.  Adjoining the church is a comfortable parsonage, and on the opposite side of the street the church cemetery.  The property is valued at ten thousand dollars.  The society also retains its interest in the old Hillsdale house, and has an interest in the chapel at Philmont, at both of which places services are statedly held.


    The church numbers ninety-four communicants, and is at present (1878) officered by Pastor, D. W. Sherwood; Deacons, Benson Simpson.  The Sabbath-school was organized nearly thirty years ago, and at present has fifty-five members.  A good library is maintained.


    The church has enjoyed several notable revivals, the one in 1842 resulting in seventy-one baptisms, and at subsequent periods the church has been greatly strengthened by revival efforts.


    The pastoral connection since 1803 has been as follows:  Revs. John Gano, Clavin Philo, -----Hart*, -----Orchard*, Samuel Pomeroy, Milo B. Tremain, Samuel S. Mallory, Peter Prink, John W. Van Horn, J. W. Starkweather, Martin L. Fuller, Daniel Robinson, William Garnett, John F. Lagrange, John H. Kent, Solomon Gale, Wm. Isaacs Loomis, James A. Metz, James W. Grant, and the present, Daniel W. Sherwood.








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