Columbia County,

New York

Deed & Wills

[Transcribed by Susan Stalker Mulvey]







     This Indenture, made this made the twenty-third day of May in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and four, BETWEEN Philip Schuyler of the city of Albany, Esquire, husband of Catharine Schuyler deceased, Philip I. Schuyler of Rhinebeck, in the county of Dutchess, and Rensselaer Schuyler of Saratoga, in the county of Saratoga, gentlemen, John B. Church in the city of New York, Esquire, and Angelica his wife, Alexander Hamilton of the city of New York Counsellor at Law, and Elisabeth his wife, Washington Morton of the same city Counsellor at Law and Cornelia his wife, Samuel B. Malcolm of the city of Albany Counsellor at Law, and Catharine his wife, Philip Schuyler the younger and Stephen Van Rensselaer the younger, grandsons of the said Philip first above name, Henry I. Van Rensselaer of the city of Hudson, in the county of Columbia, Esquire, James Van Rensselaer of the town of Bethlehem in the county of Albany, Esquire, Jacob R. Van Rensselaer, Jeremiah Van Rensselaer the younger, Henry R. Van Rensselaer, James Van Rensselaer, Catharine Van Rensselaer, Angelica Van Rensselaer, Children and John E. Kane, Robert Van Rensselaer Kane, and Alida V. R. Kane, grandchildren of Robert Van Rensselaer, Esquire, late of the town of Claverack, in the county of Columbia, deceased, (the said Robert V. R. Kane and Alida V.  R. Kane by their guardian Elisha Kane, of the city of Philadelphia, Merchant,) and John I. Van Rensselaer of Greenbush, the county of Albany, Esquire, parties of the first part, and Samuel Mallery of the town of Hillsdale, in the county of Columbia aforesaid, Farmer, of the second part.  WHEREAS in and by a act of the Legislature of this state, entitled "An act for settling the disputes and controversies between the Representatives of John Van Rensselaer, the elder, deceased, as the possessors of lands in the town of Hillsdale, in the county of Columbia," the claimants in the said act named are directed that in case the Commissioners of the said act named, shall determine and award that all right and title did exist in the said John Van Rensselaer in and that a certain tract of land, described in certain letters, patent, mentioned in the first section of the said act and in possession of the parties, of the second part, in the said act named, or either  of them, and that the same doth continue in the heir or devisees of the said John Van Rensselaer, or in the heirs and devisees of such of his heirs and devisees as might, at the time of passing the said act, be dead: they shall, within three calendar months after the date of the award, in the said act mentioned, by good and sufficient [- -is] containing general warrantees, bargain, sell, release, and confirm the right, title, estate, interest, claim and demand which they respectively have in and to or upon such lands unto such of the said parties respective their heirs and assigns, or some of them in whole possession [____ ____] the same may be, and according to the possession or occasion [?] of either of them.  And Whereas the said party of the second part was a part to the submission--And the Commissioners aforesaid have determined and awarded that such right and title did exist in the said John Van Rensselaer and doth continue in the Representatives, and have determined and awarded that the said part of the second part shall pay to the said part of the first part, the sum of eleven dollars eighty seven cents for each acres in his occupation or possession.  Now, This Indenture Witnesseth, that the parties aforesaid of the first part, pursuant to direction aforesaid, and for and in consideration of the sum of twenty-seven hundred ^ twenty two dollars forty seven cents ----to them in hand [paid?], at or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents by the said party of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge: Have bargained, sold, released and confirmed, and by these presents do fully [?], rely and absolutely bargain, sell, release and confirm unto the ---- party of the second part, and to his heirs and assigns forever, ALL [in handwriting] certain farm, piece, parcel & tract of land situate in Hillsdale aforesaid Beginning on a course South twenty three degrees thirty minutes, West six chains sixty links, from John Cadwells chimney, Thence along said Cadwells land North seventy two degrees thirty minutes West four chains, sixteen links, North [?] five degrees forty five minutes West thirty five chains [?] seventy degrees West, four chains, North seventy five degrees West four chains twenty four links North eighty degrees fifteen minutes West, five chains twenty eight degrees chestnut stadle (sic) marked, South fourteen degrees three minutes West two chains sixty links, large black oak tree P. Sissons land, South seventy degree East tw[cut off] chains fity links, South four degrees thirty minutes West three chains ninety links South seven degrees [--ty] minutes East four chains black oak marked, South eighteen degrees East, three chains, black oak stadle (sic) marked, South fifteen degrees forty five minutes East[?] three chains sixty three links, South six degrees East [?] chains thirty links, South seventy one degrees forty five minutes West, seen chains sixty links, South five degrees thirty minutes West, two chains ninety links, South thirty three degrees East, five chains forty [?] links black oak stadle (sic), South forty seven degrees forty[?] five minutes East, one chain ten links, North seventy three degrees East, four chains ten links, North sixty [sixty four?] degrees forty five minutes East four chains South forty degrees East five chains four links large hard maple tree South sixty six degrees thirty minutes West three chains fifty links South forty two degrees thirty minutes West, three chains ninety links, South nine degrees East, twenty three chains forty eight links wh[?] oak tree G. Albrow, North fifty four degrees thirty minutes East, eight chains sixty five links, North forty[?] degrees East, three chains forty three links, North fifty degrees fifteen minutes East three chains ninety five links, North eighty degrees thirty minutes East, three chains, eighty two links, South eighty four degrees forty[?] five minutes, East ten chains four links, North eleven[?] degrees West one chain, North eighty two degrees[?] five minutes East seven chains ten links to Joseph Rodman [Robman?], North sixty five East, six chains [seventy?] links, North thirty four degrees fifteen minutes West, four chains fifty links, North forty three degrees [?] minutes East, three chains thirty links, North [?] [---ly] two degrees fifteen minutes East two chains [?] links, North [--enty] seven degrees East, five chains, sixty links to Eb. Mallery’s North fifty five West, [f--?] thirty links black birch marked, North [?] degrees fifteen minutes West, four chains twenty  links, North eight degrees thirty minutes East, four chains thirty links, North fifteen degrees thirty minutes, West, eight chains ninety links South seventy nine degrees fifteen minutes [?] chains thirteen links chestnut tree, North [---teen] degrees forty five minutes West three chains [?] links North thirty eight degrees East [?] chains thirty four links to the place of Beginning containing two hundred & thirty acres and thirteen perches.