Van Benschoten's



Columbia County,

New York.

By Capt. Franklin Ellis262




    This establishment is located one and a half miles southwest of Gallatinville, on a small tributary of the kill.  It was built about thirty-five years ago, by Moses Spaulding, as a plow-shop and foundry.  It has been subsequently owned by Jay Van Benschoten, John Spaulding, John Mackey, and William H. Snyder.  The present owner, Milton Van Benschoten, purchased it of the latter in 1872, and has improved it and enlarged its capacity considerably.  The product of the shop is about one hundred and twenty-five plows each year, which, together with the custom work done, amounts to about $2000 per annum.  An overshot water-wheel, eight feet in diameter, furnishes the power, and the blast is supplied by a fan-blower.