Snyder's Mills


Columbia County,

New York.

By Capt. Franklin Ellis263




    These mills are located on Dove creek, at Weaver hollow, and the grist-mill and saw-mill were built by the Livingstons, for Henry P. Mink, the first settler at this point.  He held them under a lease, which was afterwards transferred to Joseph A. Weaver.  He bought the property in 1851, and in 1869 sold to Adam and Germain Fingar and William H. Snyder.  The Fingars sold out to Snyder in 1870, and he sold, in 1876, to his son, William H. Snyder, Jr., who is the present owner.  At present there are four buildings located within a few rods of one another at different falls along the creek.  The stream here runs very rapidly, and falls nearly or quite one hundred feet within a distance of fifty or sixty rods. The upper building is the grist-mill, with two runs of stones, and a fall of twenty feet.  Its wheel is an overshot, with a diameter of eighteen feet.