Weaver Hollow


Columbia County,

New York.

By Capt. Franklin Ellis256




     Weaver Hollow is situated on the outlet of Lake Charlotte, in the northwest part of the town.  It is built mostly on the south side of the creek on a high bank, and contains one store and hotel, a grist-mill, plaster-mill, saw-mill, distillery, a blacksmith-shop, and half a dozen houses.  Henry P. and Philp H. Mink were the first residents, and the place was called "Mink Hollow" for a long time, after them.  The proprietor of the manor built the first saw-mil on "Dove creek" (the outlet of Lake Charlotte) for their use.  Philip Mink also kept a store there.  After several years the property was purchased by Peter and Joseph Weaver, and the place became "Weaver Hollow," though it is at present sometimes called "Snyderville" and "West Gallatin."  "Weaver Hollow" is the more common name.  The nearest post-office is Livingston.