History of Columbia County, New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis

Published by Everts & Ensign

Philadelphia, PA





Pages 73 to 81


The Colony--The Nation--The State--the Judiciary--The Senate--The Assembly--The County.

    Below we give the civil list of the county,--that is, the names of persons, resident within the present limits of Columbia county, who have held civil offices, national, colonial, State, and county, with dates of such incumbency,---namely:


     Martin Van Buren, of Kinderhook, 1837 to 1841


     Martin Van Buren, 1833-37


     Martin Van Buren, 1821-27, and re-elected in 1827, but resigned.


     At the first election for President the State of New York chose no electors.  The constitution of the United States was adopted by a State Convention held at Poughkeepsie in July, 1788, the delegates from this county, Matthew Adgate, John Bay, and Peter Van Ness, voting in the negative.  The electors chosen by the Legislature in 1792 met at Poughkeepsie.  By an act of the Legislature passed march 26, 1796, the presidential electors were directed to meet at the city of Hudson; this act remained in force until the 5th of March, 1813, when the Legislature directed the Electoral College to meet at Albany.

     The electors were appointed by the Legislature down to 1825, when the district system was adopted by the people, but acted under for one election only, that of 1828, when, by an act passed April 15, 1829, the Legislature adopted the general ticket system as now in use.  In making up the general ticket one person is selected from each congressional district, and two to represent the State at large.  In 1872 there were three electors at large, one for a congressman at large given the State before re-districting.

1792 John Bay
1796 Robert Van Rensselaer
1800 Thomas Jenkins
1800 Peter Van Ness
1804 Stephen Miller
1812 John C. Hogeboom
1812 Robert Jenkins
1816 Joseph D. Monell
1820 Edward P. Livingston
1821 Alexander J. Coffin
1828 Alexander Coffin
1832 Samuel Anable
1832 Edward P. Livingston
1836 Lucas Hoes
1840 Elisha Jenkins
1844 Tobias L. Hogeboom
1852 Lawrence Van Buren
1856 Robert A. Barnard
1864 Charles L. Beale
1868 David Van Schaack
1872 John C. Newkirk


     [page 74]  The Federal constitution directs that a census be taken every ten years, and after each enumeration Congress apportions the representation among the several States.  As soon as practicable, after each apportionment, the Legislature divides the State into congressional districts.

     The apportionment of New York has been as follows since the adoption of the constitution in 1788:

Years Ratio Representatives
1789 30,000 6
1792 33,000 10
1802 33,000 17
1811 25,000 27
1822 40,000 34
1832 47,000 40
1842 70,680 34
1852 93,433 33
1861 127,000 31
1872 137,800 33

     The districts which have included Columbia county in their area have been as follows:  Under act of January 27, 1789, that part of Albany county now known as Rensselaer county, Columbia, Clinton, Saratoga (1791), and Washington.  Under act of December 18, 1792, Columbia county alone composed one district, not numbered.  Under act of March 23, 1797, Columbia and Rensselaer, district 6.  Act of March 30, 1802, and March 20, 1804, Columbia was district 8.  Act of March 8, 1808, Columbia, Rensselaer, and Washington, as district 6, were entitled to two members.  Act of June 10, 1812, Columbia county, and the towns of Rhinebeck and Clinton, in Dutchess county, formed district 5; act of April 17, 1822, district  8, Columbia; act of June 29, 1832, district 8, Columbia, Green, and Schoharie, two members; act of Sept 6, 1842, district 11, Columbia and Greene; act of July 19, 1851, district 12, Columbia and Dutchess; act of April 23, 1862, district 12, Columbia and Dutchess; act of June 18, 1873, district 13, Columbia, Dutchess, and Putnam.


1st Congress 1789 Peter Silvester
2d " 1791 Peter Silvester
3d " 1793 Ezekiel Gilbert
4th " 1795 Ezekiel Gilbert
7th " 1801 John P. Van Ness
8th " 1803 Henry R. Livingston
9th " 1805 Henry W. Livingston
10th " 1807 James I. Van Alen
11th " 1809 Robert L. Livingston
12th   1811 Thomas P. Grosvenor
12th " 1812 Robert L. Livingston†
13th " 1813 Thomas P. Grosvenor
14th " 1815 Thomas P. Grosvenor
16th " 1819 James Strong
17th " 1821 Walter Patterson
18th " 1823 James Strong
19th " 1825 James Strong
20th " 1827 James Strong
21st " 1829 James Strong
22d " 1831 John King
23d " 1833 Aaron Vanderpoel
24th " 1835 Aaron Vanderpoel
26th " 1839 Aaron Vanderpoel
27th " 1841 Robert McClellan
29th " 1845 John F. Collin
32d " 1851 Josiah Sutherland
34th " 1855 Killian Miller
36th " 1859 Charles L. Beale

     A convention assembled at Albany, in June, 1754, for the purpose of uniting upon some scheme for the common defense against the encroachments of the French.  Delegates were present from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, New York being represented by the lieutenant-governor and council of the colony.  The plan for a political union drawn up by Franklin, and adopted by the convention on July 4, was afterwards rejected by the provincial Assemblies "because it gave too much power to the crown, and by the crown because it gave too much power to the people."  The convention of 1765, composed of twenty-eight delegates form Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and South Carolina, to consult with common interest and procure the repeal of certain obnoxious laws, also failed.  The New York delegates were Robert R. Livingston, Philip Livingston, Leonard Lispenard, John Cuyler, and William Bayard.

     In the Continental Congress, the delegates from what was afterwards Columbia county were as follows:

     First Delegates.---Philip Livingston, April 20, 1775; Philip Livingston,‡ Robert R. Livingston, May 13, 1777; Philip Livingston, Oct. 3, 1777; Philip Livingston, Oct. 18, 1779; Robert R. Livingston (the chancellor), Sept. 12, 1780; Robert R. Livingston, Dec. 2, 1784.


Martin Van Buren, secretary of state, 1829-32.

John C. Spencer, secretary of treasury, 1843-44; secretary of war, 1841-43.

Benjamin F. Butler, attorney-general, 1833-38.




Robert R. Livingston, minister plenipotentiary to France, 1801-3.

Martin Van Buren, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Great Britain, 1831.




William P. Van Ness, judge United States district court, southern district New York, 1812-26.

Hezekiah L. Hosmer, Chief-Justice United States court, Territory of Montana, 1864.

Benjamin F. Butler, United States district attorney, southern district New York, 1838-41, and 1845-48.




Cornelius P. Van Ness,§ collector of port of New York, 1844.


     In the State, Columbia has been thus represented:




1828.  Martin Van Buren          1874.  Samuel J. Tilden




1830.  Edward P. Livingston




1777.  Robert R. Livingston.




1874. Theodore Miller.




1763.   Robert R. Livingston.               1857.  Henry Hogeboom.

1804.  Ambrose Spencer (chief           1861.  Theodore Miller.

          justice, 1819).                            1863.  Henry Hogeboom.

1807.  William W. Van Ness.               1867.  Theodore Miller.

1830.  James Vanderpoel.




1845.  John W. Edmonds.




     The law officer of the State, whose duties have been substantially the same since the creation of the office under the colony.  Appointed under the first constitution, chosen by join ballot of Legislature under the second, and elected by the people under the present régime biennially, each odd year.

1802.  Ambrose Spencer                                    1845.  John Van Buren

1815.  Martin Van Buren                                     1847  Ambrose L. Jordan



     The office of auditor-general was created by the provincial convention of 1776, for the purpose of settling certain public accounts.  In 1797 the office was abolished, and that of comptroller was substituted therefor, which was continued by extensions of two and three years until Feb. 28, 1812, when it was permanently organized.  Under the first and second constitutions the office was an appointive one, but under the present organic law it is elective; term, two years.  The comptroller is the financial officer of the State.

1801.  Elisha Jenkins.


1806.  Elisha Jenkins

1808.  Elisha Jenkins

1811.  Elisha Jenkins

1813.  Jacob R. Van Rensselaer.




1789.  Peter Van Ness.

1792.  William Powers.

1797.  Ambrose Spencer.

1800  Ambrose Spencer.

1803.  John C. Hogeboom




1718.  Robert Livingston

1768.  Philip Livingston

1812.  Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer.




1768.  Philip Livingston.




Peter Silvester, Elisha Jenkins, Martin Van Buren, Edward P. Livingston.




Peter R. Livingston, Robert R. Livingston, Jr., Walter Livingston.




President of Fourth Congress, 1776-77¤ Peter R. Livingston; Matthew Adgate, Fourth Congress; Gilbert Livingston, First, Second, and Third Congress; James Livingston, third and Fourth Congresses; Peter R. Livingston, Second Third, and Fourth Congresses; Robert G. Livingston, Third Congress; Robert R. Livingston,„ Fourth Congress; Peter Silvester, First and Second Congress.




R. R. Livingston.




Convention of 1788 to act upon Federal Constitution.--Matthew Adgate, John Bay, Peter Van Ness.

Convention of 1801. --Benjamin Birdsall, Alexander Coffin, Stephen Hogeboom, Moses Trafford, James I. Van Alen, Moses Younglove.

Convention of 1821. --Francis Silvester, William W. Van Ness, Jacob R. Van Rensselaer, Elisha Williams.×

Convention of 1846. --George C. Clyde, Ambrose L. Jordan.

Convention of 1867. --Frances Silvester, John S. Gould.




1856.  Hiram W. Dixon.




1863.  James A. Farrell.




1843. John W. Edmonds.




1715.  Robert Livingston, Jr.

1721-32.  Philip Livingston.

1738,42-45.  Philip Livingston.

1752.  Robert Livingston, (third lord of the manor).




1698-1701.  Robert Livingston.

1725-49.  Philip Livingston.





    Under the first constitution this body consisted of twenty-four members, apportioned among four great districts,----eastern, southern, middle, and western.  After the first election they were divided by lot into four classes, so that the terms of six should expire each year.  This representation was increased whenever a septennial census revealed an increase of one-twenty-fourth in the number of electors, until the number should reach one hundred.  In 1795 the number was forty-three.  In 1810 the number of senators was fixed at thirty-two permanently, and has since remained unchanged to the present.  The State was divided into eight senatorial districts by the constitution of 1821, each one being entitled to four senators, one to be elected each year for a term of four years.  The constitution of 1846 changed the time of election of senators to each odd year, and reduced the term to two years, and created thirty-two districts.

     Senatorial Districts.----Columbia was a part of the eastern district from the erection of the county, March 4, 1796, when it was made a part of the middle district, and so remained until the second constitution was adopted.  From that date to adoption of constitution of 1846 the county was a portion of the third senatorial district.  By the now constitution, Columbia and Dutchess was formed the eighth district.  In 1857 the number was changed to the eleventh, and so remains at this date.


1792-95 William Powers   1832-35 John W. Edmonds
1796-99 Ambrose Spencer   1838-39 Edward P. Livingston
1797-1800 Peter Silvester   1845-47 John P. Beekman
1801-4 John C. Hogeboom   1850-51 John Snyder
1805-8 Stephen Hogeboom   1851 Joseph Halstead
1809-12 Edward P. Livingston   1854-55 Robert A. Barnard
1813-20 Martin Van Buren   1858-59 William G. Mandeville
1821-22 John I. Miller   1862-63 William H. Tobey
1823-24 Edward P. Livingston   1866-67 Edward G. Wilbor
1826-29 Ambrose L. Jordan   1874-75 Benjamin Ray


     The first representative Assembly that convened in what is now the State of New York was "The Twelve Men," under the Dutch rule, who were elected in Manhattan (New York city), Brooklyn, and Pavonia (Jersey City) to suggest means to punish the Indians for a murder they had committed.  The first representative Assembly under English rule met at Hempstead, Long Island, March, 1655, but this could not be called a legislative Assembly, as it simply promulgated laws----"the Duke's Laws"----prepared for such purpose.  The first legislative Assembly was that of 1683, which was afterwards abrogated, and all the laws it had enacted, and that one of 1691 created, which continued through the colonial period.  Under the state authority the Assembly has always been chosen annually.  It consisted at first of seventy members, with the power to increase one with every seventieth increase of the number of electors, until it contained three hundred members.  When the constitution was amended, in 1810, the number had reached one hundred and eight, when it was reduced to one hundred, with a provision that it should be increased after each census at the rate of two annually until the number reached one hundred and fifty.  The constitution of 1821 fixed the number permanently at one hundred and twenty-eight, and members were elected on a general ticket.

     The constitution of 1846 required the boards of supervisors of the several counties to meet on the first Tuesday in January succeeding the adoption of that instrument, and divide the counties into districts of the number apportioned to them, of convenient and contiguous territory, and of as nearly equal population as possible.  After each State census the Legislature is to re-apportion the members, and to direct the time when the supervisors shall meet for the purpose of re-districting the county.  Pursuant to this provision, the boards met in June, 1857, and in June, 1866.  Hamilton and Fulton counties together elect one member, and every other county one or more.

     Apportionment.----1786-1791, three members; Feb. 7, 1791-1802, six; March 31, 1802-22, four; april 12, 1822-46, three; March 8, 1846-78, two.

     Districts.----1847-78, two districts in the county,----first district, comprising the towns of Ancram, Claverack, Clermont, Copake, Gallatin, Germantown, Greenport, city of Hudson, Livingston, and Taghkanic; second district, the towns of Austerlitz, Canaan, Chatham, Ghent, Hillsdale, Kinderhook, New Lebanon, Stockport, and Stuyvesant.



1716-28 - Robert Livingston, Sr.

1728-37 - Gilbert Livingston

1737-59 - Robert Livingston (third lord of manor).

1759-68 - Robert R. Livingston

1769-74 - Robert R. Livingston¦¦

1774-75 - Peter R. Livingston.




1778 - Gilbert Livingston.

1780 - Mathew Adgate, Peter R. Livingston.

1781 - Matthew Adgate, Philip Frisbie, Samuel Ten Broeck, Jacob Ford.

1782-83 - Matthew Adgate, Jacob Ford, Samuel Ten Broeck.

1784 - Matthew Adgate, Jacob Ford.

1785 - Matthew Adgate, Jacob Ford.

1786 - Lawrence Hogeboom, John Livingston.

1787 - John Livingston, Wm. Power.

1788µ - John Livingston, Wm. Power, Peter Silvester.

1789 - Matthew Adgate, John Bay, John Kortz.

1790 - Ezekiel Gilbert, John Livingston, James Savage.

1791 - Matthew Adgate, Stephen Hogeboom, James Savage.

1792 - Benjamin Birdsall, Jarred Coffin, Jacob Ford, Lawrence Hogeboom, Henry Livingston, James Savage.

1793 - Matthew Adgate, Benjamin Birdsall, Jared Coffin, Phillip Frisbie, Stephen Hogeboom, Samuel Ten Broeck.

1794 - Matthew Adgate, John Bay, James Brebner, Dirck Gardenier, Matthew Scott, Ambrose Spencer.

1795 - Matthew Adgate, John Bay, James Brebner, Philip I. Hoffman, Elisha Jenkins, Matthew Scott.

1796 - Benjamin Birdsall, James Brebner, Patrick Hamilton, Stephen Hogeboom, Philip L. Hoffman, Samuel Ten Broeck.

1797 - Caleb Benton, Palmer Cady, John C. Hogeboom, John McKinstry, Peter I. Vosburgh, Jonathan Warner.

1798 - Caleb Benton, John C. Hogeboom, Killian Hogeboom, Elisha Jenkins, Samuel Ten Broeck, Peter I. Vosburgh.

1799 - Elisha Gilbert, Killian Hogeboom, Charles McKinstry, John McKinstry, Peter B. Ten Broeck, Samuel Ten Broeck.

1800 - Ezekiel Gilbert, Robert T. Livingston, Charles McKinstry, John Noyes, Anson Pratt, Jacob Rutsen, Van Rensselaer.

1801 - William Cantine, Asa Douglass, Dirck Gardenier, Ezekiel Gilbert, John Livingston, Elisha Williams.

1802 - Thomas Brodhead, Josiah Holley, Henry W. Livingston, Samuel Ten Broeck, Peter Van Alstyne, Moses Younglove.

1803 -  Samuel Edmonds, Aaron Kellogg, Moncrief Livingston, Peter Silvester.

1804 - Benjamin Birdsall, Stephen Miller, Samuel Ten Broeck, James I. Van Alen.

1805 - Moncrief Livingston, Peter Silvester, William W. Van Ness, Jason Warner.

1806 - Moncrief Livingston, peter Silvester, William W. Van Ness, Jason Warner.

1807 - Elisha Gilbert, Jr., Peter Sharp, Gaius Stebbins, Anson Pratt.

1808 - Thomas Brodhead, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer, Jason Warner, E. Williams.

1809 - James Hyatt, Moncrief Livingston, Gaius Stebbins, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer.

1810 - Thomas P. Grosvenor, Henry W. Livingston, William Lusk, Anson Pratt.

1811 - Thomas P. Grosvenor, Augustus Tremain, James Vanderpoel, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer.

1812 - Thomas Brodhead, Thomas P. Grosvenor, Timothy Oakley, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer.

[page 77]

1813 - Aaron Olmstead, Alan Sheldon, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer, Elisha Williams.

1814 - Henry Rockefeller, John L. Van Alen, Jr., Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer, Elisha Williams.

1815 - Henry Livingston, Augustus Tremain, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer, Elisha Williams.

1816 - Henry Livingston, John Whiting, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer, James Vanderpoel.

1817 - Gerrit Cuck, Hezekiah Hulburt, John Pixley, Elisha Williams.

1818 - Thomas Bay, Benjamin Hilton, Walter Patterson, Peter Van Vleck.

1819 - Henry Livingston, Jonathan Lapham, Barent Van Buren, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer.

1820 - Thomas Brodhead, Azariah Pratt, John V. Van Valkenburgh, Elisha Williams.

1821 - John Bryan, James Vanderpoel, Elisha Williams, Isaac B. Williams.

1822 - Philip P. Clum, Elisha Gilbert, Jr., George T. Snyder, Augustus Tremain.

1823 - Abraham P. Holdridge, Stephen Storm, John Van Deusen.

1824 - Walter C. Livingston, John King, Joseph D. Monell.

1825 - Ambrose L. Jordan, Joseph Lord, Killian Miller.

1826 - Jonathan Hill, Adam I. Strevel, Aaron Vanderpoel.

1827 - Jacob P. Mesick, Isaac Mills, Simon Rockefeller.

1828 - Killian Miller, Abel S. Peters, Elisha Williams.

1829 - Abraham P. Holdridge, Henry W. Livingston, Peter Van Buren.

1830 - Jonathan Lapham, Aaron Vanderpoel, Oliver Wiswall.

1831 - John W. Edmonds, John S. Harris, Pliny Hudson.

1832 - Medad Butler, Tobias L. Hogeboom, Leonard W. Ten Broeck.

1833 - Anthony Boucher, Bastian C. Lasher, John Murdock.

1834 - Henry C. Barnes, John F. Collin, John Snyder.

1835 - Jacob Shafer, Horace Stevens, Julius Wilcoxson.

1836 - Charles B. Dutcher, Peter Groat, Jr., Adam I. Shaver.

1837 - William W. Hoysradt, Rufus Reed, John S. Vosburgh.

1838 - Abraham Bain, William A. Dean, William H. Tobey.

1839 - Harry Cornwall, Henry Hogeboom, Peter R. Livingston.

1840 - Robert McKinstry, Jonas H. Miller, Justin Niles.

1841 - Waterman Lippett, William G. Mandeville, John Milham.

1842 - James Knickerbacker, Jared Winslow, Abraham I. Van Alstyne.

1843 - Anson Brown, Lucas Hoes, Peter Poucher.

1844 - William A. Carpenter, Uriah Edwards, Peter P. Rossman.

1845 - Peter I. Bachman, Elijah Bagg, William M. Bunker.

1846 - William E. Heermance, Levi Pitts, Jeremiah Hover.

1847 - John S. Gould, William M. Miller.

1848 - Jonas H. Miller, Charles B. Osborn.

1849 - James M. Strever, Daniel S. Curtiss.

1850 - Philip G. Lasher, John H. Overhiser.

1851 - John D. Langdon, Philetus W. Bishop.

1852 - Wesley R. Gallup, George Van Santvoord.

1853 - Henry A. DuBois, Alonzo Chamberlain.

1854 - Milton Martin, Harvey W. Gott.

1855 - David Rhoda, Elisha W. Bushnell.

1856 -Samuel Ten Broeck, Adam A. Hoysradt.

1857 - John Miller, John T. Hogeboom.

1858 - David Miller, Lorenzo Gile.

1859 - Henry P. Heermance, James G. Van Valkenburgh.

1860 - Peter McArthur, P. Edward Van Alstyne.

1861 - Samuel Lasher, Norton S. Collin.

1862 - Jacob Ten Broeck, Samuel Wilbor.

1863 - Peter G. Kisselbrack, Elias W. Bostwick.

1864 - Amos Miller, Wright H. Barnes.

1865 - Walter Shutts, Samuel W. Carpenter.

1866 - Josiah Kniskern, John W. Van Valkenburgh.

1867 - Jacob H. Duntz, Stephen H. Wendover.

1868 - Harper W. Rogers, Stephen H. Wendover.

1869 - Edward Sturges, Moses Y. Tilden.

1870 - Edward Sturges, Daniel D. Barnes.

1871 - Benjamin Ray, Perkins F. Cady.

1872 - Benjamin Ray, Milton M. Tompkins.

1873 - Benjamin Ray, Milton M. Tompkins.

1874 - Henry Lawrence, Alonzo H. Farrar.

1875 - Henry Lawrence, Alonzo H. Farrar.

1876 - George H. Power, John T. Hogeboom.

1877 - Jacob H. Proper, Samuel Wilbur.






Walter Livingston, judge, 1774.






Peter Van Ness, Kinderhook; appointed April 13, 1786.

Nathaniel Green, Hudson; appointed March 18, 1795.

Jacob Ford, Hillsdale; appointed March 12, 1796.

William Wilson, Clermont; appointed July 2, 1804.

John I. Miller, Claverack; appointed March 28, 1815.

Daniel B. Cady, Canaan; appointed Feb. 18, 1840.

Abm. P. Holdridge, Austerlitz; appointed April 23, 1841.

Julius Wilcoxson, Kinderhook; appointed May 2, 1846.






1786 - Peter Silvester, Kinderhook; Peter R. Livingston, Livingston; H. I. Van Rensselaer, Hudson; Wm. B. Whiting, Canaan.

1789 - Matthew Adgate, Canaan; Stephen Hogeboom, Claverack.

1794 - Nathaniel Green, Hudson.

1797 - John Tryon, Canaan.

1801 - Jonathan Warner, Canaan; Jared Coffin, Hudson; William Wilson, Clermont.

1802 - Peter Van Ness, Kinderhook.

1804 - Edward P. Livingston, Clermont.

1807 - John M. Mann, Hudson.

1808 - Hezekiah Dayton, Hudson; Ebenezer Soule, Hillsdale; Matthew Dorr, Chatham; John I. Miller, Claverack; Wm. P. Van Ness, Kinderhook.

1810 - Augustus Tremain, Hillsdale; Samuel Edmonds, Hudson.

1812 - Judah Lawrence, Hillsdale.

1813 - David Ludlow, Kinderhook; Ezra Sampson Hudson; John Whiting, Canaan; R. H. Van Rensselaer, Claverack.

1814 - John S. Livingston, Claverack.

1815 - David W. Patterson, Chatham; Lawrence M. Goes, Kinderhook; Wm. Wilson, Clermont; T. L. Hogeboom, Claverack; Isaac B. Smith, Gallatin; James Platt, Hillsdale; J. C. Olmstead, Hillsdale.

1817 - Robert L. Livingston, Clermont; Richard I. Goes, Kinderhook.

1818 - James I Van Alen, Kinderhook; Seth Jenkins, Hudson.

1821 - Robert A. Barnard, Hudson; Henry Loop, Hillsdale.

1823 - James Barton, Hudson; Wm. H. Wilson, Clermont; Medad Butler, Stuyvesant.

1826 - James Vanderpoel, Kinderhook.

1828 - Walter Patterson, Livingston.

1830 - Tobias L. Hogeboom, Hudson.

1832 - Henry Hogeboom, Hudson.

1834 - John bull, Jr., New Lebanon.

1836 - Julius Wilcoxson, Kinderhook.

1838 - Josiah Knapp, Jr., Hillsdale.

1841 - John Martin, Claverack.

1843 - Darius Peck, Hudson; George C. Clyde, Chatham.

1846 - Frederick I. Curtiss, Ancram; Hiram D. Ford, Canaan.

     The constitution of 1846 abolished the court of common pleas from and after the first Monday of July, 1847, and substituted therefor a county court and sessions, with a single county judge to be elected for the term of four years, and two justices for sessions now by law directed to be elected annually.

[page 78] COUNTY JUDGES.


1847 John T. Hogeboom   1863 Darius Peck
1851 John T. Hogeboom   1867 Darius Peck
1855 Darius Peck   1871 John Cadman
1859 John C. Newkirk   1877 Hugh W. McClellan



1847 Wesley R. Gallup   1863 Henry Shear
  Cornelius Moul     Wm. Kipp
1849 Wesley R. Gallup   1864 John C. Sweet
  Cornelius Moul     Geo. A. Kisselburg
1850 Wesley R. Gallup   1865 Hampton C. Bull
  Jacob Baringer     Geo. A. Kisselburg
1851 Wm. H. De Witt   1866 Henry P. Horton
  Seth Daley     James E. Cristie
1852 Wm. H. Hawver   1867 James E. Cristie
  Wm. H. De Witt     George S. Snyder
1853 Edward Gernon   1868 James E. Cristie
  Elisha Moore     George S. Snyder.
1854 Elbridge G. Studely   1869 James Dingman
  Elisha Moore     Philip Rockefeller
1855 Simeon M. Collier   1870 James C. Ferguson
  Seth Daley     Philip Rockefeller
1856 Wm. M. Bunker   1871 James C. Ferguson
  John McKinstry     Philip Feltz
1857 Richard Marvin   1872 Richard Hallenbeck
  James Dingman     Wm. Kipp
1858 John C. Sweet   1873 John H. Smith
  Wm. Kipp     Philip Rockefeller
1859 Wm. Kipp   1874 Wm. W. Hoysradt
  Jacob R. Hollenbeck     Abram Ashley, Jr.
1860 Abraham Lyle   1875 Wm. W. Hoysradt
  Philip Smith     Abram Ashley, Jr.
1861 Jacob R. Hollenbeck   1876 John H. Smith
  Abraham Lyle     John Busby
1862 Henry M. Niver, Jr.   1877 Henry P. Van Hoesen
  Abraham Lyle     Philip Rockefeller


  Appointed     Appointed
1786 Killian K. Van Rensselaer   1845 Joseph D. Monell
1791 Philip L. Hoffman     Elected
1800 Wm. W. Van Ness   1847 Charles B. Dutcher
1804 James I. Van Alen   1851 Elijah Payne
1808 Martin Van Buren   1855 Robert B. Monell
1813 James Vanderpoel   1859 Charles Esselstyn
1815 James I. Van Alen   1863 Charles Esselstyn
1822 Abraham A. Van Buren   1867 Hugh W. McClellan
1837 John Gaul, Jr.   1871 Herman V. Esselstyn
1840 Wm. H. Tobey   1877 Isaac N. Collier


     The State was divided into seven districts in 1796, in each of which an assistant attorney-general was appointed by the governor and council.

     The third district was formed by Columbia and Rensselaer counties.  Ambrose Spencer, of Columbia, was appointed assistant attorney-general for this district in 1796.

     The office of district attorney was created in 1801; the State was divided into seven districts; the third district was formed by the counties of Greene, Columbia, and Rensselaer.  Thomas P. Grosvenor, of Columbia, was appointed district attorney for this district in 1810.

     Each county in the State was made a separate district in 1818.

Appointed by Court of General Sessions.

1818 Joseph D. Monell
1819 Thomas Bay
1821 Julius Wilcoxson
1832 Josiah Sutherland, Jr.
1843 Theodore Miller

Elected by the People.

1847 Robert E. Andrews
1850 John C. Newkirk
1853 William A. Porter
1856 David S. Cowles
1859 Francis Silvester
1862 James Storm
1865 John M. Welsh
1868 John B. Longley
1871 Charles M. Bell
1874 Gershom Bulkley
1877 John B. Longley.



1772 Philip J. Livingston
1786 Lawrence Hogeboom
1789 Cornelius Hogeboom
1791 John C. Hogeboom
1795 John Noyes
1796 Peter B. Ten Broeck
1801 Samuel Edmonds
1802 Barent Vanderpoel
1806 John C. Hogeboom
1810 Moncrief Livingston
1811 John King
1813 Reuben Swift
1815 John King
1819 Alexander Smith, Jr.
1821 James Warner


1822 Samuel E. Hudson
1825 Edward O. Holley
1828 John Pixley
1831 Edward O. Holley
1834 Leonard W. Ten Broeck
1837 Leonard Freeland
1840 Abram F. Miller
1843 Henry C. Miller
1846 Jacob R. Hollenbeck
1849 Abram F. Miller
1852 William Best
1855 Henry Waldo
1858 Ezra Waterbury
1861 Sherman Van Ness
1864 Whiting Sheldon
1867 John H. Overhiser
1870 Stephen W. Ham
1873 William H. Van Tassel
1876 Henry M. Hanor


1720.  Gilbert Livingston.


1720.  Robert Livingston, Jr.



1675 Robert Livingston
1691 Robert Livingston
1705 Robert Livingston
1721 Philip Livingston
1786 Robert Van Rensselaer
1801 Jacob R. Van Rensselaer
1802 Killian Hogeboom
1808 Marshall Jenkins, Jr.
1813 Ezekiel Gilbert
1815 Cornelius Miller
1820 Abraham B. Vanderpoel
1821 Cornelius Miller


1822 Justus McKinstry
1825 Harmon Bay
1828 Joseph D. Monell
1831 Joseph D. Monell
1834 James Storm
1837 Killian Miller
1840 J. A. Van Valkenburgh
1843 John I. Traver
1846 James Storm
1849 John R. Currie
1852 David C. Neefus
1855 David C. Neefus
1858 Cornelius Bortle
1861 Henry P. Heermance
1864 Edwin C. Terry
1867 Edwin C. Terry
1870 Edwin C. Terry
1873 Henry B. Hall
1876 Levi F. Longley


     Walter Vrooman Wemple, of Claverack, was appointed treasurer of the county by the first board of supervisors in 1786, and held the office until his death in 1798.

Elisha Jenkins was appointed treasurer Sept. 4, 1798, and re-appointed in 1799, 1800, and 1801.

Robert Jenkins was appointed in 1820, and was re-appointed in 1803, 1804, 1805,1806, 1807, and 1808.

James Hyatt, 1809.

Amariah Storrs, 1810-12.

Abner Austin, 1813.

Jonathan Frary was appointed in 1814, and held the office until 1825.

James Van Deusen, 1825.

David Rowley, 1826.

Silas Stone, 1827-29.

Solomon Wescott, 1830-31.

Robert McKinstry, 1832-36.

Joseph White, 1837-45.

Abram C. Vosburgh, 1846.

Silas W. Tobey was appointed in 1847, and was elected to the office in 1848, being the first treasurer elected by the people.

Silas W. Tobey, re-elected 1851.

Allen Rossman, elected 1854.

Peter S. Wynkoop, elected 1857-60.

Richard F. Clark, elected 1863.

Peter Bogardus,** elected 1866.

Richard F. Clark,†† elected 1868-71

Charles W. Hinsdale, 1873-76.





1829 Gayer Gardner   1838 Philip I. Miller
  Isaac Mills   1839 William H. Coleman
  Roswell B. Frisbee     Henry P. Mesick
1831 Jacob Shafer     Philip I. Miller
  Henry P. Mesick   1840 William H. Coleman
  Gayer Gardner     Henry P. Mesick
  Roswell B. Frisbee     Philip I. Miller
  Horace Stevens   1841 William H. Coleman
1832 Gayer Gardner     Henry P. Mesick
  Henry P. Mesick     Philip I. Miller
  Jacob Shafer   1842 William H. Coleman
  Abm. Macy     Henry P. Mesick
1833 Gayer Gardner     Philip I. Miller
  Henry P. Mesick   1843 Philip I. Miller
  Horace Stevens     Peter Groat, Jr.
1834 Gayer Gardner   1844 Philip I. Miller
  George Lawrence     Stephen W. Miller
1835 Henry P. Mesick     Peter Groat, Jr.
  Gayer Gardner   1845 William R. Macy
  George Lawrence     Sylvanus Hand
1836 William H. Coleman     William Nash
  Henry P. Mesick   1846 Frederick W. Everest
  George Lawrence     William A. Carpenter
1837 George Lawrence     Philip I. Miller
  William H. Coleman   1847 Harvey W. Gott
  Philip I. Miller     Henry B. Van Deusen
1838 William H. Coleman     Henry Hare.
  Henry P. Mesick      


1848 Harvey W. Gott   1862 Joshua Gardner
  Edmund Hatfield   1863 Norman Van Bramer
  John S. Fulton   1864 Seymour A. Tracy
1849 Philip W. Pulver   1865 Asa Hoag
1850 David K. Tripp   1866 Benoni Sherman (2d)
1851 William R. Mesick   1867 Samuel Shutts
1852 Alexander Pullman   1868 Asa Hoag‡‡
1853 Cyrus Groat   1869 Fyler D. Sweet
1854 Philip Rockefeller     Henry M. Hanor
1855 Jacob Conklin   1870 Samuel L. Myers
1856 P. Edward Van Alstyne   1872 William I. Holsapple
1857 Jacob I. Miller     Roland W. Macy
1858 Philip P. Groat   1873 Charles A. Schilling
1859 Henry Hoysradt   1875 Cyrus Link
1860 Sylvester Becker     Ephraim Kendall
1861 Hugh Van Alstyne   1876 Philip Niver



     The act creating the office of deputy superintendent of common schools was passed May 26, 1841, and continued in force until Nov. 13, 1847, when it was repealed.  The appointments were made by the board of supervisors.

1841 David G. Woodin   1845 Henry H. Poucher
1843 David G. Woodin   1847 Peter Bonesteel

     The office of school commissioner was created by an act of the Legislature passed April 12, 1856; the first appointments made by the board of supervisors.


1st District



Charles S. Jones

2d District



Peter I. Philip



1st District



Nathan S. Post

2d    " 1857   Peter I. Philip
1st District 1860   Hartwill Reynolds
2d    " 1860   Peter I. Philip
1st District 1863   Hartwill Reynolds
2d    " 1863   David G. Woodin
1st District 1866   William P. Snyder
2d    " 1866   David G. Woodin
1st District 1869   Hiram K. Smith
2d    " 1869   Hiram Winslow
1st District 1872   John Strever
2d    " 1872   Hiram Winslow
1st District 1875   Richard M. Whitbeck
2d    " 1875   Isaac Van Valkenburgh
1st District 1876   Richard M. Whitbeck

2d District



Isaac Van Valkenburgh


1857 Wm. H. Wilson   1861 Abraham P. Holdridge
  Thomas Beekman   1862 Harvey W. Gott
  John Rowley   1863 William Kip
1859 Wm. H. Wilson   1865 John Rowley
  Benajah Conant   1867 Sherman Van Ness
1860 George H. Rockefeller   1868 Peter P. Rossman
1861 John M. Welch   1869 Wm. G. Mandeville
  William Kip      


1837 Henry Hogeboom   1857 Robert G. Frary
  Peter I. Hoes     Abraham P. Holdridge
1839 Hugh McClellan   1859 Hiram W. Dixon
  Henry Baker     Henry S. Van de Carr
1843 Wm. E. Heermance   1861 Robert G. Frary
  John Vanderpoel     Henry S. Van De Carr
1845 Wm. E. Heermance   1863 Lemuel Holmes
  John Vanderpoel   1865 William Bryan
1848 Robert G. Frary     Henry S. Van De Carr
  Abraham P. Holdridge   1867 William Bryan
1850 Robert G. Frary     Henry S. Van De Carr
  Abraham P. Holdridge   1870 Lemuel Holmes
1852 Robert G. Frary     Jacob S. Bump
  Abraham P. Holdridge   1873 Cyrus Groat
1855 Robert G. Frary     William Bryan
  Abraham P. Holdridge   1877 Chester Miller
        Cyrus Groat


1833 Russell G. Dorr   1845 Thomas K. Baker


1787. ----Matthew Adgate, Kings; Cornelius Van Shaack, Kinderhook; John Livingston, Livingston; James Bryan, Hillsdale; Stephen Hogeboom, Claverack; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; Henry I. Van Rensselaer, Hudson; John Kortz, Germantown.  Matthew Adgate, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1788.----Matthew Adgate, Canaan; James Bryan, Hillsdale; John Kortz, Germantown; Henry I. Van Rensselaer, Hudson; Stephen Hogeboom, Claverack; Evert Vosburgh, Kinderhook; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; William Rockefeller, Livingston.  Matthew Adgate, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1789.----William Powers, Canaan; Thomas Jenkins, Hudson; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; James Bryan, Hillsdale; Stephen Hogeboom, Claverack; John Livingston, Livingston; John Kortz, Germantown; Evert Vosburgh, Kinderhook.  William Powers, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1790. ----William Powers, Canaan, Thomas Jenkins, Hudson; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; James Bryan, Hillsdale; Stephen Hogeboom, Claverack; Evert Vosburgh, Kinderhook; John A. Fonda, Livingston; Nicholas Kierstead, Germantown.  Wm. Powers, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1791. ----Thomas Jenkins, Hudson; Henry Livingston, Livingston; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; [page 80] George Monell, Claverack; Nicholas Kierstead, Germantown, Jonathan Warner, Canaan; Evert Vosburgh, Kinderhook.  Thomas Jenkins, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1792. ----Henry Livingston, Livingston, George Monell, Claverack; John Thurston, Hudson; Evert Vosburgh, Kinderhook; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; Nicholas Kierstead, Germantown; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; Elisha Gilbert, Canaan.  Evert Vosburgh, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1793. ----Stephen Paddock, Hudson; Evert Vosburgh, Kinderhook; Patrick Hamilton, Canaan; Martin J. Cooper, Clermont; Philip L. Hoffman, Livingston; Peter Scharp, Germantown; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; George Monell, Claverack.  Stephen Paddock, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1794. ----Stephen Paddock, Hudson; Philip L. Hoffman, Livingston; Evert Vosburgh, Kinderhook; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; Patrick Hamilton, Canaan; Nicholas Kierstead, Germantown; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; George Monell, Claverack.  Stephen Paddock, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1795. ----Stephen Paddock, Hudson; Evert Vosburgh, Kinderhook; George Monell, Claverack; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; John A. Fonda, Livingston; Aaron Kellogg, Canaan; Philip Rockefeller, Germantown; James Savage, Chatham.  Stephen Paddock, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1796. ----Dirck Gardenier, Kinderhook; Elisha Jenkins, Hudson; Philip Rockefeller, Germantown; John A. Fonda, Livingston; George Monell, Claverack; Levi Stone, Chatham; Elisha Gilbert, Canaan; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont.  Dirck Gardenier, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1797. ----Elisha Jenkins, Hudson; Dirck Gardenier, Kinderhook; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; Peter Bishop, Livingston; Levi Stone, Chatham; George Monell, Claverack; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; Benjamin Tobey, Canaan; Philip Rockefeller, Germantown.  Charles McKinstry, moderator; Walter V. Wemple, clerk.

1798. ----William Wilson, Clermont; Dirck Gardenier, Kinderhook; Philip Rockefeller, Germantown; Peter Van Alstyne, Kinderhook; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; Elisha Jenkins, Hudson; George Monell, Claverack; Peter Bishop, Livingston; Eleazer Grant, Canaan.  William Wilson, moderator; Andrew M. Carshore, clerk.

1799. ----William Wilson, Clermont; Eleazer Grant, Canaan; Henry Livingston, Livingston; Abm. I. Van Vleck, Kinderhook; Charles McKinstry, Hillsdale; John C. Hogeboom, Claverack; Peter Sharp, Germantown; Peter Van Alstyne, Chatham; Robert Jenkins, Hudson.  William Wilson, moderator; Andrew M. Carshore, clerk.

1800. ----John C. Hogeboom, Claverack; Henry Livingston, Livingston; Robert Jenkins, Hudson; Philip Rockefeller, Germantown; Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; Peter Van Alstyne, Chatham; Abm. I. Van Vleck, Kinderhook; William Aylesworth, Canaan; Samuel Mallery, Hillsdale.  John C. Hogeboom, moderator; Elisha Jenkins, clerk.

1801. ----Abm. I Van Vleck, Kinderhook; George Monell, Claverack; Moncrief Livingston, Livingston; Jonathan Warner, Canaan; Matthew Dorr, Chatham; Robert Jenkins, Hudson; John N. Taylor, Germantown; William Wilson, Clermont; Samuel Mallery, Hillsdale.  Abraham I. Van Vleck, moderator; Andrew M. Carshore, clerk.

1802. ----William Wilson, Clermont; Henry Livingston, Livingston; George Monell, Claverack; James Brebner, Chatham; John Whiting, Canaan; Samuel Mallery, Hillsdale; Garret Cuck, Germantown; John Van Alen, Kinderhook; Cotton Gelston, Hudson.  William Wilson, moderator; Andrew M. Carshore, clerk.

1803. ----Robert T. Livingston, Livingston; Nicholas Kline, Gallatin; Samuel Mallery, Hillsdale; William Wilson, Clermont; George Monell, Claverack; Garret Cuck, Germantown; Henry Avery, Granger; Cotton Gelston, Hudson; John Van Alen, Kinderhook, John Whiting, Canaan, James Brebner, Chatham.  James Brebner, moderator; Andrews M. Carshore, clerk.

1804. ----George Monell, Claverack; William Wilson, Clermont; Matthew Dorr, Chatham; John Whiting, Canaan; James S. Livingston, Livingston; Nicholas Kline Gallatin; Samuel Mallery, Hillsdale; John Van Alen, Kinderhook; Garrett Mallery, Hillsdale; John Van Alen, Kinderhook; Garret Cuck, Germantown; Henry Avery, Granger; James Hyatt, Hudson.  William Wilson, moderator; Andrew M. Carshore, clerk.

1805. ----George Monell, Claverack; Samuel Mallery, Hillsdale; Henry Avery, Granger; John Van Alen, Kinderhook; Peter Sharp, Germantown; Matthew Dorr, Chatham; James Hyatt, Hudson; Isaac Williams, Gallatin; James S. Livingston, Livingston; Thomas Brodhead, Clermont; John Whiting, Canaan.  Samuel Mallery, moderator, Andrew M. Carshore, clerk.

1806. ----Samuel Ten Broeck, Clermont; James S. Livingston, Livingston; Allen Sheldon, Gallatin; Peter Sharp, Germantown; Henry Avery, Granger; John King, Canaan; Moses Younglove, Hudson; Samuel Mallery, Hillsdale; George Monell, Claverack; John Van Alen, Kinderhook; Matthew Door, Chatham.  Samuel Ten Broeck, moderator; Gilbert Jenkins, clerk.

1807. ----Henry Avery, Granger; Matthew Door, Chatham; Samule Mallery, Hillsdale; Frederick Rockefeller, Germantown; John Van Alen, Kinderhook; James S. Livingston, Livingston; Peter Mesick, Claverack; John King, Canaan; Robert Taylor, Hudson; Isaac B. Smith, Gallatin; Thomas Brodhead, Clermont.  Matthew Dorr, moderator; Marshall Jenkins, clerk.

1808. ----James S. Livingston, Livingston; Matthew Dorr, Chatham; Thomas Brodhead, Clermont; Samuel Mallery, Hillsdale; Peter Mesick, Claverack; John King, Canaan; John Van Alen, Kinderhook; Frederick Rockefeller, Germantown; Josiah Holley, Gallatin; Henry Avery, Granger; Robert Taylor, Hudson.  Matthew Dorr, moderator; M. Jenkins, Jr., clerk.

1809. ----Thomas Brodhead, Clermont; Allen Sheldon, Gallatin; Henry Livingston, Livingston; Henry Avery, Granger; Abraham Van Vleck, Kinderhook; Samuel Edmonds, Hudson; Peter Mesick, Claverack; Timothy Oakley, Chatham; Ebenezer Soule, Hillsdale; Frederick Rockefeller, Germantown; Jason Warner, Canaan.  Thomas Brodhead, moderator; Andrew M. Carshore, clerk.

1810. ----Thomas Brodhead, Clermont; Abraham Van Vleck, Kinderhook; Allen Sheldon, Gallatin; Ebenezer Soule, Hillsdale; Jason Warner, Canaan; Henry Livingston, Livingston; Henry Avery, Granger; Peter Mesick, Claverack; Nathan Sears, Hudson; Timothy Oakley, Chatham; Frederick Rockefeller, Germantown.  Thomas Brodhead, moderator; Luther Bingham, clerk.

1811. ----Henry Livingston, Livingston; Ebenezer Soule, Hillsdale; Henry Avery, Granger; Abraham Van Vleck, Kinderhook; Nathan Sears, Hudson; Peter Mesick, Claverack; Allen Sheldon, Gallatin; Timothy Oakley, Chatham; Frederick Rockefeller, Germantown; Daniel Warner, Canaan; Thos. Brodhead, Clermont.  Ebenezer Soule, moderator; Samuel Edmonds, clerk.

1812. ----John Van Deusen, Livingston; Thomas Brodhead, Clermont; Frederick Rockefeller, Germantown; Abraham Van Vleck, Kinderhook; Nathan Sears, Hudson; Allen Sheldon, Gallatin; Peter Mesick, Claverack; Daniel Warner, Canaan; Henry Avery, Granger; Bartholomew Williams, Hillsdale; Timothy Oakley, Chatham.  Daniel Warner, moderator; James S. Livingston, clerk.

1813. ----Peter Mesick, Claverack; Daniel Warner, Canaan; Henry Avery, Granger; Samuel Wilbur, Chatham; John Van Deusen, Livingston; Amariah Storrs, Hudson; Henry Mink, Gallatin; Wm. Tanner, Hillsdale; Garret Cuck, Clermont; Abm. Van Vleck, Kinderhook; Frederick Rockefeller, Germantown.  Daniel Warner, moderator; Wm. G. Hubbel, clerk.

1814. ----Peter Mesick, Claverack; Wm. Tanner, Hillsdale; Amariah Storrs, Hudson; John Van Deusen, Livingston; Garret Cuck, Clermont; Simon Rockefeller, Germantown; Isaac B. Smith, Ancram; Henry Avery, Taghkanic; Peter Van Vleck, Canaan; Henry L. Van Dyck, Kinderhook; Matthew Beale, Chatham.  Amariah Storrs, moderator; Wm. G. Hubbel, clerk.

1815. ----Robt. H. Van Rensselaer, Hudson, Thos. Jenkins, Hudson; Josiah Holley, Ancram; Henry L. Van Dyck, Kinderhook; Daniel Warner, Canaan; Peter Mesick, Claverack; Garret Cuck, Clermont; Simon Rockefeller, Germantown; John Van Deusen, Livingston; Augustus F. Haydon, Chatham; Friend Sheldon, Taghkanic; Jonathan C. Olmstead, Hillsdale.  Henry L. Van Dyck, moderator; Wm. G. Hubbel, clerk.

1816. ----Henry L. Van Dyck, Kinderhook; John Van Deusen, Livingston; Garret Cuck, Clermont; Friend Sheldon, Taghkanic; James Strong, Hudson; John P. Jenkins, Hudson; Jonathan C. Olmstead, Hillsdale; Simon Rockefeller, Germantown; Peter Mesick, Claverack; Isaac B. Smith, Ancram; Daniel Warner, Canaan; Augustus F. Haydon, Chatham.  H. L. Van Dyck, moderator; Wm. G. Hubbel, clerk.

1817. ----Thomas Brodhead, Clermont; Henry L. Van Dyck, Kinderhook; Henry Avery, Taghkanic; Anthony Boucher, Claverack; Isaac B. Smith, Ancram; Daniel Warner, Canaan; Edward Bagley, Hillsdale Anson Pratt, Chatham; James Nixon, Jr., Hudson; Paul Dakin, Hudson; John Van Deusen, Livingston; Simon Rockefeller, Germantown.  H. L. Van Dyck, moderator, Wm. G. Hubbel, clerk.

1818. ----Henry L. Van Dyck, Kinderhook; Peter Van Alstyne, Chatham; Elam Tilden, Canaan; Tobias L. Hogeboom, Ghent; Jonathan C. Olmstead, Austerlitz; Anthony Boucher, Claverack; Joseph Morehouse, Hillsdale; James Nixon, Jr., Hudson, Paul Dakin, Hudson; John Van Deusen, Livingston; Adam I. Strevel, Taghkanic; Isaac B. Williams, Ancram; Garret Cuck, Clermont; Simon Rockefeller, Germantown.  H. L. Van Dyck, moderator, Wm. G. Hubbel, clerk.

1819. ----Henry L. Van Dyck, Kinderhook; Peter Van Vleck, Canaan; Edward B. Pugsley, Ghent; Anthony Boucher, Claverack; John King, New Lebanon; Joseph Morehouse, Hillsdale; Adam I. Strevel, Taghkanic; Peter Van Alstyne, Chatham; Thomas Brodhead, Clermont; Paul Dakin, Hudson, Barnabas Waterman, Hudson; Isaac B. Smith, Ancram; Simon Rockefeller, Germantown; George Lawrence, Austerlitz; John Van Deusen, Livingston; H. L. Van Dyck, moderator; William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1820. ----Anthony Boucher, Claverack, Henry L. Van Dyck, Kinderhook; Joseph Morehouse, Hillsdale; Edward B. Pugsley, Ghent; George Lawrence, Austerlitz; Samuel A. Curtiss, Canaan; John King, New Lebanon; Isaac Mills, Chatham; John Van Deusen, Livingston; Thomas Brodhead, Clermont; Isaac B. Williams, Ancram; Adam I. Strevel, Taghkanic; Barnabas Waterman, Hudson, Paul Dakin, Hudson; Simon Rockefeller, Germantown; H. L. Van Dyck, moderator, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1821-22.§§ ----John King, moderator, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1823. ----Walter Patterson, moderator, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1824-27. ----John P. Beekman, moderator, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1828. ----Charles Waldo, moderator, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1829. ----John King, moderator; William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1830. ----Oliver Wiswall, chairman, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1831. ----Wm. H. Wilson, chairman, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1832-34. ----Robert G. Frary, chairman, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1835. ----Lucas Hoes, chairman, William G. Hubbel, clerk.

1836. ----Garret Burgert, chairman; Hiram Tapping, clerk.

1837. ----Levi Pitts, chairman, Hiram Tapping, clerk.

1838. ----James Mellen, chairman; Joseph G. Palen, clerk.

1839. ----Chas. Esselstyne, chairman, Joseph G. Palen, clerk.

1840. ----John E. Warner, chairman, Rodolphus P. Skinner, clerk.

1841. ----John Vanderpoel, chairman, Theodore Miller, clerk.

1842. ----John Vanderpoel, chairman, Stephen Storm, clerk.

1843. ----Peter I. Hoes, chairman, Stephen Storm, clerk.

1944. ----James Storm, chairman, John H. Overhiser, clerk.

1845. ----L. Van Buren, chairman; Henry Miller, clerk.

1846. ----L. Van Burne, chairman, John Mosher, clerk.

1847. ----Robert G. Frary, chairman; Erastus H. Benn, clerk.

1848. ----Robert A. Barnard, chairman; Harmon B. Whitbeck, clerk.

1849. ----Jonas H. Miller, chairman; Harmon B. Whitbeck, clerk.

1850-51.----L. Van Buren, chairman; David C. Neefus, clerk.

1852. ----Peter P. Rossman, chairman; John Whitbeck, clerk.

1853. ---Henry W. Reynolds, chairman; John M. Welch, clerk.

1854. ----Ira Hand, chairman, Jacob P. Miller, clerk.

1855. ----Ira Hand, chairman; Gilbert Langdon, clerk.

1856. ----Samuel A. Barstow, chairman; John Whitbeck, clerk.

1857. ----William M. Elton, chairman; Robert W. McClellan, clerk.

1858. ----Geo. A. Kisselburgh, chairman, Valentine Fingar, clerk.

1859. ----Horatio N. hand, chairman; Charles G. Coffin, clerk.

1860. ----Hiram D. Ford, chairman; John V. Whitbeck, clerk.

1861. ----Horatio N. Hand, chairman; Theodore Snyder, clerk.

1862. ----Stephen B. Barteau, chairman, John Whitbeck, clerk.

1863. ----Wm. G. Mandeville, chairman; John Whitbeck, clerk.

1864. ----Wm. G. Mandeville, chairman; J. Southart Van Wyck, clerk.

1865. ----Peter Mesick, chairman; John V. Whitbeck, clerk.

1866. ----John H. Overhiser, chairman; Gilbert Langdon, clerk.

1867. ----Peter Mesick, chairman; Gilbert Langdon, clerk.

1868-69. ----Jacob H. Proper, chairman, John Whitbeck, clerk.

1870. ----Henry Cornell, chairman, Aaron V. D. Whitbeck, clerk.

1871. ----Sherman Van Ness, chairman; James Miller, clerk.

1872. ----Lorenzo Gile, chairman, Henry P. Horton, clerk.

1873. ----Hugh Van Alstyne, chairman; Ruluf Neefus, clerk.

1874. ----Sherman Van Ness, chairman; John C. Hubbard, clerk.

1875-77. -----Perkins F. Cady, chairman, Ruluf Neefus, clerk.

1877. ----Perkins F. Cady, Chatham; Erastus Coons, Germantown;  John W. Coons, Greenport; James Dingman, Stockport; Jacob H. Duntz, Gallatin; Frederick F. Folger, Hudson, 3d ward; Michael Guinan, Hudson, 2d ward; Franklin Hand, New Lebanon; Charles W. Havens, Canaan; Magnus D. Herbs, Hudson 4th ward; William Hoag, Ancram; William G. Kittle, Ghent; John D. Landon, Copake; Samuel L. Myers, Taghkanic; Henry C. Pierson, Austerlitz; John Sagendorph, Claverack; Abram L. Schermerhorn, Stuyvesant; Allen Sheldon, Hillsdale; Samuel Shutts, Livingston; Charles W. Trimper, Kinderhook; Sherman Van Ness, Hudson, 1st ward; Harold Wilson, Clermont.  Sherman Van Ness, chairman, C. W. Davis, clerk.

*N. P. Talmadge, United States Senator, 1833-1844, was born in Chatham, Columbia county.  He was governor of Wisconsin Territory in 1845.


‡ Signer of Declaration of Independence.

§ While a resident of Vermont, Mr. Van Ness was appointed (1839) by President Jackson minister to Spain.  He was also, in 1816, one of the commissioners to settle the northeastern boundary under the treaty of Ghent.

¤ Ratified Declaration of Independence unanimously.

„ Member of committee to report State constitution.

¶ These three delegates voted against the adoption of the constitution. 

× These delegates did not sign the constitution of 1821.

¦¦ Declared disqualified, being a judge, and refused a seat.

 µ First representation of Columbia county.  From 1780 to 1786, inclusive, in Albany county.

 Henry Livingston, of Livingston manor, then Dutchess county, was appointed county clerk in 1742, and held the office until 1899, when he died.

** Died April 2, 1868.  Richard F. Clark appointed to fill vacancy.

†† Resigned Dec. 31, 1872.  Charles W. Hinsdale appointed to fill vacancy.

‡‡ Resigned April 1, 1869.  John M. Cameron appointed to fill vacancy.

§§ The list of supervisors from 1821 to 1876 has been omitted on account of its extreme length.