The Ghent Mutual Fire

Insurance Company


Columbia County,

New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis368


     The Ghent Mutual Fire Insurance Company was organized Feb. 5, 1859, for a term of thirty years.  The directors chosen were David Crapser, Edward B. Pugsley, Jacob I. Miller, James C. Van Valkenburgh, John E. New, Jacob M. Rivenburgh, Martin Fredenburgh, Wm. Smith, and George A. Kisselburgh.  John E. New was chosen president, and Jacob M. Rivenburgh secretary and treasurer.  The company has been remarkably successful.  From a statement of its condition, made Jan. 1, 1878, it appears that farm property amounting to $664,165, in two hundred and twenty-one policies, was insured.  The total loss since doing business, nearly nineteen years, was $4420, making a yearly average of $232.63; or affording assurance at a cost of but $0.47 per year on every $1000 insured.

     In 1868 the number of directors was changed to five members.  The board is at present composed of Townsend Powell, Abram Vosburgh, David Crapser, Martin Fredenburgh, and Martin V. Stupplebeem.  The first two named are the president and secretary of the company.