By Captain Franklin Ellis204




     These are numerous.  The principal cemeteries in and around the city of Hudson have always been used largely by the citizens of what is now Greenport for the burial of their dead.  The other principal burial-place is the ground near the Reformed church, in the south part of the town.  Other places of burial may be mentioned as follows:  On the present Harmon Hollenbeck farm,--a few stones still left.  On the Robert R. Hollenbeck farm, where a large number were undoubtedly buried in very ancient times,--some stones are still left there; on the Richard Hollenbeck farm,--one or two stones still mark the spot; on the line of the Ham and the New farms there is a cemetery which has been somewhat used for burial in later years; on the farm of widow Lucretia Weed,--the old Plass homestead; on the Von Hoesen farm; on the farm of widow Nicholas Miller; on the Henry Wilson farm; near widow Philip Kells'; on the Robert McKinstry farm; on the Van Deusen farm; in the Lambert neighborhood.  There were burials, too, near the old house owned by C. J. Ludlow, elsewhere described.

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