By Captain Franklin Ellis202



    The names of the first commissioners and inspectors are given in the record of the first town-meeting; subsequently the following served one or more years, each as commissioner, down to 1843:  Aaron Van Vleck, Jonathan Plass, Harvey Rice, James McGiffert, John D. Moore, chancellor Snyder, Harmon Hollenbeck, and Jacob Bogardus.  During the same period the following persons were inspectors of schools one or more years each:  E. Atwell, Charles Hollenbeck, Mark Hollenbeck, Philip P. Groat, James McGiffert, and Wm. E. Heermance.

     Following this system was that of town superintendents, and that commenced in 1844.  The following were the several incumbents of that office:  1844, Wm. E. Heermance; 1845, Jacob Avery; 1846-48, James McGiffert.  Biennially:  1850, Philip H. Groat; 1852, John McKinstry; 1854-56, James A. Farrell.  The office was abolished in June, 1857.


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