Methodist Episcopal


North Germantown,

Columbia County,

New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis277


     The first Methodist Episcopal class at Germantown was connected with the West Taghkanic circuit.  In 1849 it was composed of James H. Snyder, class-leader; Hiram Reeves, steward; Catharine S. Snyder, Samuel W. Snyder, Maria Snyder, William Peary, Nancy Peary, Jacob Peary, John Patten, Gertrude Patten, Philip H. Coon, Catharine Reeves, Edward Reeves, Oliver J. Reeves, Mary A. Reeves, Levi Best, Margaret Best, Henry E. Ham, Eliza Ham, Jacob Barringer, Maria Barringer, Charlotte Lasher, Lucinda Ashley, Caroline Sheffer, Mary A. Loukes, Almira Lasher, Henry Persons, Dinah Barber.

     The ministers who might have served previous to 1853, when the perfect list begins, were--1842-43, Lewis McKendree Pease; 1844, John Campbell; 1845, Lorin Clark; 1856-47, Jeremiah Ham; 1848-49, Samuel M. Knapp; 1850, Thomas Jerrolds; 1851-52, Aaron Hunt, Jr.

     This station was connected with Myersville from 1853 to 1866; with Madalin from 1867 to 1876; 1877 and since, with Tivoli.

     The following is the regularly-appointed list of ministers, commencing with 1853:

     1853, William M. Nelson; 1854, supplied; 1855, Henry H. Birkins; 1856, H. Wood; 1857, supplied; 1858, W. S. Bouton; 1859-60, Aaron Coons; 1861-62, William J. Ives; 1863-64, T. Ellis; 1865, Aaron Rogers; 1866-67, J. H. Wood; 1868-70, W. F. Harris; 1871-73, George B. Clark; 1874-75, J. H. Loomis; 1876-77,J. Birch; 1878, Silas Fitch.

     The society have a neat house of worship, finely situated on elevated ground.  The well-cultivated fields of thrifty farmers surround it on every side.  Near it is a parsonage half hidden in shrubbery, with strawberries, grapes, and other fruit in rich abundance.  A little to the west flows the Hudson, affording bright glimpses of its silver current; beyond, the Catskills lift their bold summits to the sky.  To preach the gospel on this lovely height with its delightful surroundings can be attended with little of the hardships and privations of the earlier Methodist work.  A minister appointed to this charge may well exclaim, "The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places."

     The church was built soon after the organization of the society.  Near it is a burial-place, neatly laid out and well cared for.  At present there is an out-station connected with this chruch at East Camp.  The present organization consists of Rev. Silas Fitch, pastor; James H. Snyder, class-leader; C. Snyder, J. H. Barringer, William Ellis, and Dr. W. O. Smith, stewards.


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