Natural Features


Columbia County,

New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis266


     The town is situated upon the Hudson river, in the southern part of the county, and was originally a tract taken from the Livingston manor, in such a form as to leave the town of Clermont to extend entirely around Germantown except on the west.  In later years a portion of Clermont, on the north side of Germantown, was annexed, and it is evident that still another addition might be made consistent with the convenience of the inhabitants and the natural features of the country.  The town may be said to be bounded north by Livingston, east and south by Clermont, and west by the river; but the course of the river and the general direction of the boundary-lines are such that the statement is both inaccurate and incomplete.  The surface of the town is gently undulating, consisting of ranges of hills, separated by intervening valleys.  A Creek rises near Germantown village, and, flowing northward, enters the Hudson in the northwest part of the town.

     Two small rivulets from the centre flow north and east into the Roeloff Jansen's Kill.  Another creek rises in the southeast corner of the town, but immediately passes into Clermont.  Two small creeks, breaking through the hills, enter the Hudson, one near the station, the others below East Camp landing.  The town originally contained six thousand acres.  Its territory is now a little more than that, by reason of the addition from Clermont.

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