HILLSDALE-- was formed from Claverack, as a district, March 26, 1782, recognized as a town on March 7, 1788, and a part of Austerlitz was taken off in 1818.  The surface is broken by ranges of high hills extending in a north and south direction and separated by narrow valleys.  Green River crosses the northeast corner; and several small streams, which form the headwaters of Roeliff Jansens and Claverack Creeks, take their rise in the town.  The soil is a gravelly loam and clay.  Hillsdale, (p.v.) a station on the Harlem R.R., in the south part of the town, contains 2 churches and has a population of 225; Harlemville (p.v.) contains 1 church and about 12 houses.  The town was settled at a very early day,--the south part by immigrants from Massachusetts and the north by Dutch settlers.*  The first church (Baptist) was organized June 23, 1787, and Rev. Stephen Gano, D. D. was the first pastor.  There are 6 churches in town.5

*Among the early Dutch settlers were families named Showerman, Blackman, Kinyon, Fregers, Evarts, and Shurts.--Foster was one of the first settlers new Hillsdale Village.  The State surrendered its claims to the lands actually occupied, March 12, 1793.



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