by Captain Franklin Ellis11


     In the year 1870 the congregation of the church of St. John, in the town of Ghent, was divided, and the part of it located in the vicinity of Harlemville formed a new society, under the name of "St. Immanuel's," and built a frame church, thirty by forty feet, costing $1852.  This church was completed in 1873, and dedicated in eh summer, by Rev. Mr. Haeger, of Pittsfield, Mass.  It stands near the fourth three corners, east of Harlemville, on the road to Green River.  The society was incorporated June 10, 1871, at a meeting presided over by Jacob Gearing and Philip Steitz.  The first trustees were Valentine Steitz, Carl Steurwald, and Jacob Christman.  The present officers are Philip Steitz, John Krick, Carl Steurwald, Conrad Usner, Valentine Steitz, and Werner Spengler.

    The ministers who have preached at this point are Revs. P. Seuel, Carl J. Renz, Fr. Leddin, U. Berne, and C. A. Stoepel, the present pastor, who has ministered to this people since 1876.  The present membership is about twenty-two, and the Sunday-school has a membership of about forty.



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