by Captain Franklin Ellis13


     This class is supposed to have been formed about 1810-11, though it is possible it may not have been earlier than 1815.  It consisted of about ten members, among whom were Richard Bartlett, M.D., Abraham Overhiser, Aaron Shaw, Mr. Burtiss, and Peggy Pierce.

    The first church building was erected in company with the Baptist society, and stood on the site of the Baptist church.  In 1837 it was decided to erect a separate house of worship.  The site was chosen near the North Hillsdale cemetery, and the present church building erected.  It was dedicated late in the fall of 1838, Rev. Benjamin Griffin, presiding elder, preaching the discourse.  The work was done by Philip Becker, and the cost was about $3500.  In 1859 it was repaired and enlarged by the addition of a porch and tower, at a cost of about $1500.  The present valuation is $4000.  The society was incorporated under the general statute, Jan. 22, 1838, as the "Wesleyan Chapel of North Hillsdale."  The first trustees were Nicholas C. Tyler, Barnett Overhiser, Allen Gildersleeve, Barnett Burtiss, and Levi Pierce.  In 1859 the church passed through a wonderful period of refreshing, in the course of which upwards of eighty persons professed conversion, and the membership of the church was largely increased. The present membership is about fifty or sixty.

    The pastors since 1839 are known, but previous to that time cannot be ascertained.  The following is as perfect a list as we have been able to obtain, viz.: Revs. Albert Nash, George Brown, William McK. Bangs, Charles C. Keys, Thomas Bainbridge, W. W. Brewer, John A. Sillick, David L. Marks, Lucius H. King, William Ostrander, Alexander H. Ferguson, Henry Cox, John W. Jones, Marvin R. Lent, Josiah L. Dickerson, W. L. Winans, E. B. Shurter, Henry B. Birkins, W. J. Ives, David B. Turner, Edward Ashton, Nathan Hubbell, J. H. Champion, William Hall, E. G. Roys, J. H. Lane, O. P. Crandall.

    The present officers of the church are Peter B. Hollenbeck, Jackson Palmer, John S. White, Henry W. Downing, David A. Nichols, Austin Morey, John S. Shutts, Allen B. Downing, Homer Trafford, trustees; David A. Nichols, Austin Morey, Jackson Palmer, John S. White, Homer Trafford, stewards; Homer Trafford, class-leader and clerk.

    For a number of years a Sabbath-school has been maintained, with an average attendance of about twenty-five.  The present officers are Homer Trafford, superintendent; John S. Shutts, assistant superintendent; Mary Downing, female superintendent; Frank Downing, secretary; Dorr Mitchell, librarian and treasurer.



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