By Captain Franklin Ellis139



    The Baptist Church of Hudson was organized at the court-house, Aug. 28. 1810.  It consisted of twelve person, namely, John Capron, William Foster, Charles Brown, Abraham Butts, Lyman, Webster, Hester Brown, Dorcas Butts, Peggy Hathaway, Rebecca Roles, Esther Smith, Mary Tracy, and Mary Skinner.  Rev. Henry Jenks was the first pastor; the dates of his ministry are not known.

    Twenty ministers have served in the pastorate, viz., Revs. Henry Jenks, James Ogilbie, Avery Briggs, Howard Malcolm Ebenezer Loomis, William Richards, Israel Robards, Moses Field, John Gibbs, E. D. Towner, T. G. Freeman, Leroy Church, George W. Hervey, William P. Smith, W. C. Ulgatt, George W. Folwell, N. K. Bennett, G. W. Clowe, D. Cary, and W. H. Wines.

     The early services of the church were held in a school-house on Union street, between Second and Third streets.  The first house of worship was opened for public service June 7, 1818, on the corner of Fourth and State streets.  This house was erected at the joint expense of the church and the Lancaster society, the lower part being used for the Lancaster school.  The present church edifice was erected during the ministry of Rev. W. C. Ulgatt, on the corner of Union street and City Hall place, and it was dedicated Oct. 4, 1861.  Rev. William Hague, D. D., preached the sermon, and the prayer of dedication was offered by Rev. G. W. Folwell, pastor of the church.  In the evening of the same day services of recognition of the pastor were held, Rev. William Groome, Jr., preaching the sermon.

     The following are the officers of the church at the present time:  Pastor, W. H. Wines, Deacons, Robert Roberts, R. B. Benedict, A. J. Rowles; Clerk, Milo P. Moore; Trustees, S. L. Magoun, R. B. Benedict, J. W. French, A. J. Rowles.

     Up to the present time eleven hundred and ninety-six persons have united with the church, seven hundred and eighty-three of whom united by baptism.  The present number is two hundred.

   The Sabbath-school was organized May, 1821 under the ministry of Rev. Howard Malcolm., D.D.  Mr. Van ------was the superintendent; Mrs. Howard Malcolm was lady superintendent.

     The officers at the present time are:  Superintendent, A. J. Rowles; Lady Superintendent, Miss Sophia Peake; Librarian, Charles Deweese,  Number of teachers, twenty; number of scholars, one hundred and seventy-five; books in library, five hundred.

[Note: Marriages performed by the ministers of the church were not part of the church records, but a personal record of the minister performing the ceremony.  Some of the marriages can be found in the Rhode Island records by Arnold where the diaries of the Rev. Stephen Gano have been published.  This book can be found at Heritage Quest and at (fee).]