By Captain Franklin Ellis128



    The Farmers' National Bank is the same institution which was organized in 1839 as the "Farmers' Bank of Hudson," with a paid-in capital of $100,000.  The first directors were twenty-one in number, among whom were Elihu Gifford, president; Frederick Mesick, Jacob Mesick, John Mesick, Dr. E. B. Pugsley, Ewell Lawrence, Dr. Ebenezer Reed, Jacob Ten Broeck, Captain Coffin, Hiram Gage, Robert McKinstry, William Nash, Allen Rossman, and Jacob N. Harder.  The firs cashier was Ezra Dean.

     The capital was subsequently increased to $300,000, and April 7, 1865, the bank received authority from the United States Treasury Department to transact business as a national bank, under its present name and title.  At that time Samuel Bachman was president and Isaac H. Vrooman cashier.

     The bank first did business in a building on the north side of Warren street, between Fifth and Sixth streets.  Its present elegant banking-house was erected (on the same side, a little above the first building) in 1873, at a cost of $71,000.  The circulation of the bank is now $236,7000, and its present officers are Jacob W. Hoysradt, president; Allen Rossman, vice-president; Jacob Ten Broeck, Henry House, Abram Bedell, Lorenzo G. Guernsey, Peter Mesick, Hiram Macy, Harper W. Rogers, William H. Crapser, Charles W. Hinsdale, William H. Gifford, Frederick F. Folger, directors; Charles C. Macy, cashier.