NO. 62,

R. AND S. M.




By Captain Franklin Ellis164




     Hudson Council, No. 62, R. and S. M.,  was instituted U. D. May, 1872, with the following officers:  Dr. H. Lyle Smith, T. I. M.; C. H. Evans, R. I. D. M.; R. Kidney, I. P. C. W.; J. H. Charlot, Capt. Guards; J. M. Van Buren, Ill. Con. Council; J. C. Dubois, Treas.; A. Bush, Recorder; H. R. Payne, Steward; J. Nack, Sentinel.  The charter was granted in 1873, the first election being held December 1 of that year, at which Dr. Smith was re-elected, and again in 1874.  His successors in the office, Thrice Illustrious Master, have been Richard Kidney, 1875; W. H. W. Whiting, 1876; W. H. Scovill, 1877-78.

     The present officers associated with Mr. Scovill are Wm. Bostwick, Dep. Master; Henry Kertz, P. C. W.; Richard Kidney, Treas.; and Henry Miller, Recorder.

     The present membership is fifty-four.

     In 1824, prior to the formation of the present Grand Council of the State, Hudson Council, No. 2, was organized with Campbell Bushnell, Charles Waldo, and Clark Smith as its earliest officers.

     This council held its meetings, performed its work, and kept its records in connection with Hudson Chapter, R. A. M.  It was suspended about 1848, the chapter being at that time prohibited from conferring the council degrees under its charter.