By Captain Franklin Ellis154




    The Hudson Female Academy was established in 1851, in the fine building which had been occupied by Dr. White's Lunatic Asylum, now the residence of George H. Power, on State street.  The proprietor was the Rev. J. B. Hague, under whom the school enjoyed a high reputation.  It was removed in 1865 to the corner of Warren and First streets, but is not now in existence.

     Hudson has always been exceedingly prolific of private and select schools of almost every grade, and many of them of a very high order.  So numerous have they been that it would be wholly impracticable even to name, much more so to give a correct and intelligible history of them.  We may make mention of the "Hudson Female Seminary," which existed many years before the Female Academy of Rev. Mr. Hague, and of which the Rev. Mr. Stafford was at one time the principal; of the select school taught by Ebenezer King in St. John's Hall, and of the "Hudson Classical Seminary,"  also under his charge at a later date; of the classical school taught by Andrew Huntington in the "hotel building" opposite the Presbyterian church; and of the schools of the Revs. J. R. Coe, E. Bradbury, and other educated and talented clergymen; but all these make but a small part of the private educational institutions--many of them of the highest excellence--which have existed here since Joseph Marshall taught Latin and Greek in the old school-house in Diamond street.