The Livingston Farmers' Aid


Fire Protection Association


Columbia County

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis414



     The Livingston Farmers' Aid and Fire Protection Association was organized in 1857, by the selection of John Haver as president, and Robert Decker secretary.  The State insurance law having been enacted meanwhile, the association was reorganized under its provisions, June 16, 1858, as


     The directors chosen were John L. Potts, president; Robert Decker, secretary; Henry L. Potts, David Miller, and Samuel Shutts.

     The business of the company the past twenty years has been very successful, 768 policies having been issued.  The present number of policies is 222, representing $468,868 of insured property.

     Six fires have occurred, involving the loss of $5450, or about $272.50 per year.  The affairs of the company have been wisely managed since its formation by the following officers:

     Presidents.--1858-59, John L. Potts; 1860-61, German Fingar; 1862-63, Thomas Miller; 1864-66, Adam Fingar; 1867-72, Henry L. Potts; 1873-74, German Fingar; 1875-76, Stephen O. Potts; 1877-78, German Fingar.

     Secretaries.--1858, Robert Decker; 1859-66, Henry Shear; 1867-78, Samuel Shutts.